40+ Working Best Kodi Addons [January 2024 Updated]

Kodi is a famous media player used by millions of people. You can install thousands of addons in Kodi. All Best Kodi TV addons include movies, sports, TV shows, News, Documentaries, live TV, Adult, and more.

Here is a list of various kinds of Best Kodi Addons. That can be installed on Kodi-supported devices, including firestick lite, firestick 4K, fire TV cube, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and more.

best kodi addons

40+ Best Kodi Addons (Working in 2024)

In this guide, you will find the 50+ Best addons for Firestick/Kodi, In which various types of content are available:

  1. Movies, TV shows, Kodi addon
  2. Sports Kodi Addons
  3. Anime Addons
  4. Music Addons
  5. Kodi Addons Porn
  6. Live TV Addons

A. Best Movie addons for Kodi

movie kodi addons

Here are some Best Kodi Movie Addons; watch the best movies on Kodi:

1. Exodus Redux

In October 2018, Exodus Redux was probably the most up-to-date on-demand Kodi addon. Although it’s not brand new, Exodus Redux snaps right up to the top of our list of top Kodi add-ons. 

Exodus Redux could be a clone of a highly well-known (and still in operation) Kodi addon called Exodus. However, Exodus seems to have diminished over the years, and Exodus Redux seems to have become the latest bright star in the sky. It is one of the Best Kodi addon for multipurpose.

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Name Exodus Redux
Repository linkhttps://i-a-c.github.io
StatusActive and Running

Check the guide to installing Exodus Redux.

2. Asgard

Asgard was previously referred to as Odin, and it is one addon of the Narcacist Repo. It’s a multi-category addon that allows you to stream television shows and movies and other entertainment options like anime, sports documentaries, and more. If you’re looking for an add-on to provide entertainment for everyone, I highly recommend you try this one. It is all in one Best Kodi addons.

Name Asgard
Repository linkhttp://narcacist.com/repo
StatusActive and Running

Check the guide to installing the Asgard Kodi Addon

3. Black Lightning

Black Lightning fits, If you’re seeking a reliable Kodi add-on that is specialized in TV and film. This addon has one-click playlists. Black Lightning comes with the Narcacist’s Wizard Repository. The software has been upgraded to be compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix.

If you’re interested in getting the most benefit from Black Lightning, you should consider acquiring the Real Debrid premium account. This instantly gives you access to an abundance of premium links with good video quality, up to 4K. It also supports Trakt.

4. 4K (Kodi addons for movies)

The 4K addon lets you stream TV and movies using the Kodi media player. The name says it finds streaming video content in 4K, the best high definition quality. The 4K Kodi addon can be found within the Narcacist’s Wizard Repository.

This addon includes a range of categories of movies, including sections for the film that are new and movies in alphabetical order, and movies organized by years from release, as well as a vast range of genres to select from. To take the 4K addon to the highest level, I recommend connecting Real Debrid, to the add-on.

Name 4K
Repository linkhttp://narcacist.com/repo
StatusActive and Running

Check the guide to installing the 4K Kodi Addon

5. The Magic Dragon

This is another fantastic addon featuring an impressive library of TV shows and flicks to provide endless entertainment. Following its launch, The Magic Dragon addon quickly became the top choice of many Kodi professionals and casual users. This simple and fast add-on provides you with all your wanted content, including the most popular shows and movies.

With a set of efficient scrapers, The Magic Dragon scoops out the most dependable streams available. It looks like The Dogs Bollocks addon but has better packaging and more features.

If you enjoy watching films or documentaries, shows, kids’ programming, or sports-related content, or want to relax and listen to some music, the Magic Dragon has you covered. It is possible to set up The Magic Dragon from the Diamond Build Repo in only some minutes.

Name The Magic Dragon
Repository linkhttp://diamondbuild.xyz/
StatusActive and Running

Check the guide to installing the Magic Dragon


Gaia is an on-demand addition to your favorite television and movies. In a simple layout, Gaia’s home screen categorizes contents into groups such as documentaries, films, shows, and children. Gaia will scrape dozens of streams from multiple servers when you request a playing back.

After being down for a few days, Gaia is up and functioning again. The most recent version of Gaia’s add-on (Gaia 4) offers a variety of improvements and enhancements over the previous versions. It is most effective when you make use of it together with Real-Debrid. Use this best Kodi addon to enjoy your free time.

Repository linkrepo.gaiakodi.com
StatusActive and Running

Check the guide to installing the GAIA

7. Revolution

The addon is relatively new, which is probably why it’s compatible with the most recent Kodi version. The Revolution Kodi addon has numerous streaming sources. There are plenty of free links. But, as always, if your goal is top-quality hyperlinks, I suggest using this addon in conjunction with Real Debrid.

Name Revolution
Repository linkhttps://dejavurepo.github.io/
StatusActive and Running

Check the guide to installing the Revolution kodi Addon

8. Diamond Shadow

It is hosted in Diamond Build Repo, and Diamond Shadow is a Kodi add-on that allows users to stream various TV shows and movies. Diamond Shadow is an excellent alternative if you are a fan of new movies, as it is frequently updated. The add-on is compatible with Kodi 18 Leia and the Kodi 19 Matrix.

Diamond Shadow offers free and premium Debrid streams. So, if you want to enjoy more then you should integrate Real Debrid. If you do not want to sign up for a Real Debrid account, don’t fret. There are plenty of movies for free to pick from.

9. Tempest

Tempest is another addon that runs excellent with Kodi 18 and serves you an extensive library of films and TV shows. This add-on has the latest shows and movies that have been aired. There is also a lot of older content. 

The streaming component that comes with the Tempest Kodi add-on is very impressive. It’s quick to locate the streams, and it can fetch lots of them, and nearly everyone plays. It also works well when you use Real Debrid. Tempest is also compatible with Trakt integration. I like this addon and don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t.

Name Tempest
Repository linkhttps://tempest0580.github.io/
StatusActive and Running

Check the guide to installing the Tempest Kodi Addon

10. Nemesis AIO

Nemesis AIO is a multi-category best Kodi addon that provides the latest streaming content. There are the standard Movies, TV Shows categories, and different types like Documentaries, Webcams, Gaming Videos, Animation, Cartoons, and much more. Nemesis is performing well at the time I write. I hope the current performance level remains the same in the years to come. If you’re using an account with a Real Debrid account, don’t forget to pair it with Nemesis AIO for a more incredible streaming experience.

Name Nemesis AIO
Repository linkhttp://streamarmy.co.uk/repo
StatusActive and Running

Check the guide to installing the Nemesis AIO

11. ReleaseBB

ReleaseBB offers you an array of films and TV shows to satisfy your entertainment needs. This best Kodi addon provides the highest quality streaming from high-end providers. As of this writing, Release BB does not procure any free streams. You must sign in using a premium hosting service to take advantage of streaming videos. You can utilize Real Debrid, AllDebrid, or Premiumize, premium streaming services. There are many free add-ons streaming using premium connections is an entirely different experience. Test this add-on out!

Repository linkhttps://bugatsinho.github.io/repo
StatusActive and Running

12. DejaVu Best Kodi Addon

The DejaVu Best Kodi addon provides a fantastic selection of streaming content that includes your top movies and series. You can also stream sports-related documentaries, children’s content, and more. The user-friendly categories available on the main page ensure you will have no trouble browsing and exploring the videos. The DejaVu Kodi addon fetches the best quality streams by using scraping and torrenting technology. It is a great choice when paired together with Real Debrid. Right now, DejaVu is among the most effective Kodi add-ons available.

Name DejaVu Addon
Repository linkhttps://dejavurepo.github.io
StatusActive and Running

Check the guide to installing the DejaVu Addon

13. MTB’s Greased Lightning

The creators of the famous Movie Theater Butter Preset Max add-ons have developed a powerful on-demand addition named MTB’s Greased Lightning Fast AutoPlay. It only takes several seconds to locate and play the stream. It’s not the only thing. Greased Lightning has a massive collection of videos on-demand as well. While all your favorite Movies and Shows are right there, the extension provides a wide range of streaming options. You can watch documentaries listen to music and podcasts, stream classics, and much more. The navigation is incredibly fast, too. The add-on lets Real Debrid and Trakt sign in to provide a better streaming experience.

Name MTB’s Greased Lightning
Repository link http://diamondbuild.xyz/
StatusActive and Running

Check the guide to installing the MTB’s Lightning

14. The USS Defiant

The USS Defiant is the new best Kodi addon for streaming on-demand films and shows. You will find many streaming categories such as Kings of Horror, Kung Fu, and Urban.

The scrapers utilized by this addon do well and pull high-quality streams. It works best when you use Real Debrid, which lets you access premium connections.

The addon is simple to install and set up and easy to use. It provides seamless performance on all kinds of devices that support Kodi.

Name The USS Defiant
Repository linkhttp://diamondbuild.xyz/
StatusActive and Running

15. Alvin

Alvin Kodi’s addon is part of Octopus’s largely undiscovered repository. But I am happy that I came across it. The add-on appears to be an emulation fork of Exodus V8. Both share a similar but not identical – layout. Alvin is pulling in many top-quality links, many of which are in 1080p. It also has an extensive collection of content. While you may not see many fancy categories, If you’re searching for an add-on that makes it simple to stream high-quality films and TV shows, it is worth looking into using the Alvin addon.

Name Alvin
Repository linkhttp://octopus246.esy.es/octopus/
StatusActive and Running

Check the guide to installing the Alvin

16. DeathStar

DeathStar isn’t the usual entertainment add-on you find often. It’s an add-on that has an exciting twist. DeathStar is a mix of more than 35 Kodi add-ons. After installing one addon, you can access an entire library of add-ons to meet your streaming requirements. Whether you want to watch live TV, sports programming, children’s movies, or shows, DeathStar offers it all.

DeathStar is the result of the cooperation of 10 renowned Kodi developers. Since various developers manage it, it will always provide top-quality performance.

Repository linkhttp://ezzer-mac.com/repo 
StatusActive and Running

Check the guide to installing the Deathstar

17. Scrubs

Scrubs is another on-demand best Kodi addon in our list of top Kodi addons. It’s an Exodus fork. However, I think there’s no need to say it’s superior to the predecessor. Although Exodus is hanging on but only by a thin thread, Scrubs offers various enhancements. Scrubs ‘ add-on will keep the layout the same, with the regular categories such as Movies Television Shows, My Movies, My TV Shows, and New Movies. This helps users to navigate.

Scrubs can fetch a wide range of links quite fast. However, don’t expect to find many 1080 complete HD streams. In addition, I’ve observed that many HD and 720p links aren’t playing. That means you’ll have to look at a few websites before finding the one that works. It is more accessible by signing in using the Real-Debrid account.

Name Scrubs
Repository linkhttps://jewbmx.github.io/
StatusActive and Running

Check the guide to installing the Scurbs kodi Addon

18. Seren

Seren is a delightful addition to the universe of best Kodi addons. There are many add-ons to choose from and, despite being newly released, Seren is making itself known. It seems like those who developed Seren is in the process of creating the add-on. It’s already looking appealing to me.

The add-on is not offering any streaming links for free at the time I type this article. It must be configured with any of the two premium hosts, either Premiumize or Real Debrid. Of course, Real Debrid is my choice, and it’s not just because it’s more well-known, but also because it’s superior.

Because Seren uses high-quality links, the site can provide superior playback since the streams run quickly and are easy to play, and offer many more HD stream options. The add-on is currently being developed and improved. There’s a possibility that it will begin providing free streaming shortly. However, it remains to be determined. In any case, I’m currently using this plugin, and I like it quite a lot. It isn’t necessary to sort through the false sites to find the one working. Try it.

Repository linkhttps://nixgates.github.io/packages
StatusActive and Running

19. The Crew

The Crew is one of the best Kodi addons that is a collection of various streaming options. The multi-scraper Kodi addon stream movies and shows, live television, sports, children’s content, and many more. This Crew Kodi addon comes with hundreds of hours of content worth binge-watching.

The Crew addon is now incorporating The Crew Sports addon. This means that it is no longer necessary to set up the Sports addon independently.

It’s a small add-on that is nearly error-free on every Kodi-supported device. It’s part of the internal repository known as The Crew. It is simple to install and easy to use, and more user-friendly. It also supports third-party apps such as Trakt and Real Debrid to provide a more enjoyable streaming experience. The addon is frequently updated as well with bug fixes and enhancements.

NameThe Crew
Repository linkteam-crew.github.io
StatusActive and Running

Check the guide to installing the Crew Kodi addon.

20. Add That Source

It is possible to imagine Add That Source as an extension of other Kodi add-ons and repositories. It’s a handy tool that allows you to swiftly and efficiently add repositories to your Kodi with just a few clicks. When you use Add That Source, there is no requirement for the lengthy process of finding and typing URLs for the repository.

Add That Source is located in DaButcher Repository. DaButcher Repository. It includes the top well-known repositories on Kodi. The repos that can be installed in a matter of minutes using Add That Source includes Slamious Repo, Narcacist Repo, Venom Repo, Magnetic Repo, DejaVu Repo, Octopus Repo, and numerous others.

Name Add That Source
Repository link http://dabutcher.org/repo/
StatusActive and Running

21. Rogue One

Rogue One is an AIO best Kodi addon that allows users to stream movies, television shows, movies, and other video-related content from the vast library. It is part of the Narcacist Wizard Repository. Rogue One was previously compatible with Kodi 18 Leia. However, it has been modified to be consistent with Kodi 19 Matrix.

Alongside TV and movie shows, You can also stream other content through this Kodi add-on. Rogue One has categories for documentaries, sports replays, and stand-up comedy. Several fight sports promotions include UFC, Bellator, Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, and Valor FC.

Name Rogue One
Repository linkhttp://www.narcacist.com/repo/
StatusActive and Running

Check the guide to installing the Rogue One on Kodi

22. TVOne

It’s, without a doubt, among the most effective Kodi add-ons you can get on Live TV. TVOne was developed by a company named RACC. To install TVOne to be a Kodi 19 matrix-compatible extension, download it from Octopus. Octopus repository.

TVOne offers a variety of categories to watch Live TV in different languages. With this Kodi addon, you can enjoy live TV channels focusing on food, documentaries, entertainment and kids, films and news, sports, and much more. Each section has numerous channels that are listed under them. If you choose from the Documentaries segment, for instance, you can pick between Animal Planet, History, Investigation Discovery, Nat Geo Wild, and a plethora of additional channels.

Name TVOne
Repository linkhttps://fuse99.com/octopus/
StatusActive and Running

Check the guide to installing the TVOne

23. cCloud TV

cCloud TV is a different live TV best Kodi addon to look into if you enjoy streaming satellite television on Kodi. It’s not a hassle that this add-on provides the best TV channels without paying an expensive subscription fee. cCloud TV is 100 percent free. It offers a wide range of categories to select from, such as All Channels, FilmOn, News, Sports Documentary, and many other types. Even though cCloud TV is live television, IPTV add-ons, include special on-demand types for shows and movies.

cCloud TV allows the one-click play of all videos. However, the requested movies may not be available every day. Some channels are offline. This is a fantastic live TV addon, especially when you contrast it with other addons in the same class. This addon should be included in the best Kodi addons. It is possible to get cCloud TV from the Kodi Bae repository.

NamecCloud TV Kodi addon
Repository link http://kdil.co/repo/ 
StatusActive and Running

Check the guie to installing the cCloud TV Kodi Addon

24. PVR IPTV Simple Client

IPTV Simple Client IPTV Simple Client is an IPTV addon that allows you to join your current IPTV service to Kodi and stream live channels on TV. This addon doesn’t offer specific content; however, it can be used with a range of IPTV services.

You can manage your IPTV subscription using this Kodi add-on using an M3U playlist link or XMLTV EPG’s URL. There is no other method. You can contact your IPTV service provider regarding the URLs. It is also advisable to check your email for the URLs since these URLs are usually delivered in an email with login information.

Check the guide to installing the PVR IPTV Simple Client

B. Best Kodi Sports Addons

sports kodi addons

Here are some reliable and popular Sports addons for Kodi:

1. Rising Tides

Rising Tides is another sports best Kodi addon. The add-on allows you to watch Sports, PPV events, and various sports cable channels. It doesn’t come with the most options for streaming, but it does have several intriguing areas. 

Name Rising Tides
Repository linkhttp://mullafabz.xyz/Repository/
StatusActive and Running

Check the guide to installing the Rising Tides Kodi Addon

2. ApeX Sports

Apex Sports is, without doubt, one of the top and most trusted Kodi sports addons. This addon that comes with the Arxtic-ape Repository allows you to stream and enjoy every one of your sporting events. If you’ve missed an event, you can take advantage of replays and highlights the add-on gives you to keep up. Alongside Live Sports, you can also view Live TV through ApeX Sports.

The Kodi add-on remains simple with its interface for users. There are just a handful of sections available, which include areas for live games, live TV replays, and highlights. If you’re looking for a lightweight but efficient Kodi sports application to stream sports, then Apex Sports is a shoo-in.

NameApex Sports
Repository linkhttps://arxtic-ape.github.io
StatusActive and Running

Check the guide to installing the ApeX Sports on Kodi

3. Sportowa

It appears that Sportowa TV is a SportsDevil-inspired Kodi addon, even though it doesn’t offer the same number of streaming options. However, you might decide to give it a shot since it offers a variety of sports categories that you can stream. The addon also offers a wide range of sports. The add-on provides an extensive list of live sports channels. There are a lot of dead streams; however a large portion of live ones are working too.

Name Sportowa
Repository linkhttps://mbebe.github.io/blomqvist
StatusActive and Running

Check the guide to installing the Sportwa Kodi Addon

4. Mad Titan Sports

If you’re a lover of many different sporting activities, you won’t be able to beat this best Kodi addon. Mad Titan Sports is a part of the Mad Titan addon. This add-on allows you to stream almost all of the most popular live sporting events across the US, as well as replays. It’s located in the Magnetic Repository and works with Kodi 19 Matrix.

Mad Titan Sports specializes in American-based sports, such as that NFL, NBA, and NHL. But, you can play other sports, such as fight sports (MMA and wrestling) and soccer. Some sections allow replays and highlights of previously played events. There’s also a section dedicated to college sports if you’re an avid fan.

Name  Mad Titan Sports
Repository linkhttp://magnetic.website/repo/
StatusActive and Running

Check the guide to installing the Mad Titen Sports

5. Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports is a must-have for any sports enthusiast. This Kodi addon meets the needs of all sports enthusiasts out there. This fantastic Kodi Sports addon allows live streaming of major sporting events. This addon is available on the Kodi Add-on Repository. It is important to note that this add-on requires a Fox Sports channel subscription.

Repository: Official Kodi Repository.

Check the guide to instaliing the Fox Sports Go

6. SportsDevil

SportsDevil is the most in-demand sports add-on. This addon has been available for quite a while and continues to offer high-quality content. It’s an essential add-on for all sports fans. It provides live streaming on several sports channels so that you can stream live games. You can also catch up on your most-loved matches if there was a delay in the live-action. It was available previously through Fusion. However, now users can get it on various repos.

You might notice that some videos aren’t streaming in all categories. If SportsDevil cannot deliver the performance you expect, You might want to consider other sports add-ons.

Repository linkhttps://cy4root2.github.io/zip/
StatusActive and Running

Check the guide to installing the SportsDevil

C. Cartoons and Anime Kodi Addons

anime kodi addons

1. WatchNixtoons2

WatchNixtoons2 is a comparatively new anime addon to Kodi and is the replacement for the original WatchNixtoons addon developed by Doko. It is already popular among anime fans, thanks to its high-quality streaming experience. Initially made compatible with Kodi 18 Leia, WatchNixtoons2 is now upgraded to work with the latest Kodi 19 Matrix.

WatchNixtoons2 is one of the top Kodi addons to anime. It has a wide selection of anime from various genres and categories. Despite the top-quality streaming links available here, it doesn’t require having a Real Debrid account for this add-on. There are sections dedicated to the most recent movies, and releases including cartoons, dubbed, subtitled animated series, OVA series, and many more.

NameWatchNixtoons2 Addon
StatusActive and Running

Check the guie to installing the WatchNixtoons2 on kodi

2. Fanime

Fanime is the best Kodi addon for video developed by the well-known Nemzzy. It is part of the Repository for Stream Army, which includes additional add-ons, such as Nemesis AIO and Entertains Me addon. It’s one of my top picks of the top Kodi addons available to fans of anime from all over the world.

If you’re an anime fan, This is the Kodi add-on for you. Fanime provides a wide selection of anime series and movies. It also has a simple interface with sections with anime content divided into different categories. It also has an option to search that allows you to locate an anime. Once you’ve located the title you’re looking to stream, you’ll be able to find several links to choose from.

NameFanime Kodi addon
Repository linkhttp://streamarmy.co.uk/repo
StatusActive and Running

Check the guide to isntalling the Fanime Kodi Addon

3. FunimationNow

FunimationNow provides access to an enormous collection that includes Anime video content costing $5.99 monthly. You can also purchase the annual plan for $59.99 If you’re trying to save money. FunimationNow also provides a free service but has a limited video library. The free videos are filled with ads. The paid subscription allows up to two streams simultaneously; however, the free version limits the number of streams to one. If you pay for the subscription, you also have early access to Home Video Dubs. You can download FunimationNow via the Kodi official Add-on Repository.

D. Music streaming Kodi Addon

music kodi addons


This is a great Kodi addon for music enthusiasts. It is a popular add-on that has been there for quite some time now. The media library is sorted into different categories like Billboard Top 100, top albums artists, rap, hip-hop, jazz, etc. You can even build your favorite playlist here.

2. YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing site worldwide. If you’re thinking about whether it is possible to stream videos from youtube on a firestick or any other device with Kodi, The answer is yes. The YouTube Kodi add-on does a good job, and you won’t notice much difference between the add-on and the original YouTube website. The Kodi add-on for YouTube has some exciting features that are a nice benefit. You should try this fantastic add-on.

Check the guide to installing the Youtube on Kodi

Best Kodi Addons for Porn

porn kodi addons


XXX-O-DUS is among the most popular Kodi addons that play porn. It is part of the reliable source Stream Army, which is also home to various additional Kodi Add-ons.

This addon provides adult content across various categories like Hentai movies, Tubes, Live Cams, Virtual Reality, and many more. The XXX-O-DUS addon is frequently updated with fresh content.

Repository linkhttp://streamarmy.co.uk/repo/
StatusActive and Running

Check teh guide tao installing the XXX-O-DUS

2. FapZone

Another reliable porn Kodi add-on that you can install. Fapzone has an impressive collection of mature or adult content across diverse categories.

Repository linkhttp://streamarmy.co.uk/repo/
StatusActive and Running

Check the guide to installing the FapZone

3. VideoDevil

VideoDevil is perhaps the most well-organized Kodi porn extension you’ll discover. It has a massive selection of porn stream streams sourced from the most popular, free porn websites. The content is efficiently organized into different relevant categories.

Repository linkhttps://mrgsi.github.io/dirtyg/
StatusActive and Running

Check the guide to installilng the VideoDevil Kodi Addon

Best Live TV Kodi Addons

live tv kodi addons

Here are some Live TV and News Kodi addons:

1. 7 of 9 Kodi addon

7 of 9 addons is a very popular Kodi addon. Same as limitless offers AIO Streaming options. While 7 of 9 has more options than endless to watch live TV.

You can pull the channels into multiple categories like ovies, TV shows, documentaries, kids, sports, music, news, food, award shows, and more. 7 of 9’s IPTV section also offers Country-wise channels.

Name7 of 9
Repository linkhttp://diamondbuild.xyz/
StatusActive and Running

Check guide to install 7 of 9 kodi addon.

2. J1TV

J1TV offers many options to stream live TV, including English Channels from all over the world.

You will find multiple categories on the home screen where several channels are sorted.

Some Channels run with VPN, So turn on VPN.

NameJ1TV Kodi addon
Repository linkhttp://j1wizard.net/butter/
StatusActive and Running

3. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is the official Kodi addon that offers you free access to many TV channels from the US and other countries.

It is available on various platforms, including firestick TV, Android smartphones, iOS, and more. You can watch it without registration.

You can log in to your account on various devices to access your favorite content. Pluto TV offers you to watch channels like CNN, NFL, Sky News, MTV, NBC, News, and more.

NamePluto TV
RepositoryOfficial Kodi Add-on Repository
StatusActive and Running

4. NewsOn

You would like to watch the news in the US through local news channels. NewsOn is the best live TV Kodi add-on.

NewsOn has recently had more than 175 Stations from 114 regions. You can watch it from almost all stations.

It is officially available on Kodi. You can download it from the official Kodi add-on repository.

RepositoryOfficial Kodi Add-on Repository
StatusActive and Running

5. Xumo TV

Xumo TV is a famous streaming service that lets you access free on-demand live TV content.

It is a free and legal add-on that offers many channels like NBC News, Bloomberg, Fox Sports, and more. You can start streaming without registration.

Xumo TV is unavailable outside of the US but you can access it anywhere via VPN. Xumo TV is available on Firestick, Android, iOS, Roku, and more.

NameXumo TV
RepositoryOfficial Kodi Add-on Repository
StatusActive and Running

So, I have mentioned all the Best Kodi addons that are working. You can install them to watch Movies, TV shows, Documentaries, Sports, News, Anime and Cartoons, Porn, and more. If you want to enjoy these Best Kodi addons without getting into trouble, you must use VPN. If you know about any best addon, let us know via comment.


1. What are the best Porn Kodi Addons?

Here are the 3 Best Porn Addon for Kodi:
2. FapZone
3. VideoDevil

2. Best Anime Kodi Addons?

Here are four best anime and cartoon addons for Kodi:
1. FunimatioNow
2. Fanime
3. Kaito
4. Watchnixtoons2


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