We are a professional comparison website. We may receive compensation from the VPN Publishers in our table if you click on a link and then purchase their product. Not all the VPNs we list have an affiliate program, and we have not joined all that we can.

The data we provide is compiled after careful research from a large number of sources including the VPN’s own website, news websites, review websites, social media websites, etc. to enable us to come to a considered view and opinion of the VPNs in order to score them and add appropriate comments (our own will be indicated).

We are not perfect; we will make mistakes. It is possible to be hoodwinked by the odd VPN Publisher (or VPN Provider) but we try hard to identify and counter this by the large number of different sources we use in our research. The trend is our friend is a phrase to help explain our data collection and scoring technique.

We are as open and honest as we can be and declare information to be as transparent as possible – all feedback is gratefully received and will be considered.