How to Fix Firestick Blank Screen in 2024

Fix firestick blank screen: Firestick is a robust and cheap device that is very popular. After coming with the amazon firestick TV device, the cord-cutters are very happy because it allows you to watch your favorite shows, movies, sports, news, and adult content for free or at a low price.

The Firestick TV device doesn’t get any errors generally. But sometimes you can get issues like overheating, Wifi connectivity problem, home is currently unavailable, no audio issue, buffering, remote not working, Firestick blank screen, and more.

Blanck Screen can be seen repeatedly. Here are multiple ways to fix this trouble. This troubleshooting guide helps you to get over the firestick blank screen. So let’s fix it.

how to fix firestick blank screen
how to fix blank screen firestick TV

How to Fix Firestick Blank Screen

We have tried these given solutions and found them helpful:

1. Check TV’s Input Source

chnage hdmi port

Does your TV feature more than one HDMI port? If so, ensure the active input source on your TV can be set as the HDMI port that holds the Fire TV Stick. To give context, if the streaming stick is connected to another HDMI connection on the TV, be sure that the input source on your TV is HDMI 2.

The TV is set to an incorrect input source (say HDMI 1 or HDMI 3) could result in an unreadable screen. This could cause Firestick Not Working.

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2. Change Power Source

Connect your device’s USB cable to a functioning charger, not your television’s USB port. This Fire TV Stick needs at minimum 1 amp (1A) or more power to remain on and work properly. The Fire TV Stick may get stuck on a black display connected to a USB port with less power.

If the USB ports on your TV aren’t 1A-rated, Connect your Fire TV Stick to an adapter for charging USB, and then connect it to an electric socket. Be sure to use an original USB cable and a power adapter that is at the very least a 1A power rating.

Also, connect your Fire TV Stick to a functioning power outlet. It will fix blank screen on firestick TV.

3. Reboot the Fire TV Stick to Fix Firestick Blank Screen Issue

Restarting your Fire TV Stick could also solve the black screen issue. It is possible to restart it with the remote or Fire TV Stick or perform an unintentional reboot. Press both the Select and Play/Pause buttons in a couple for a minimum of five seconds. After that, you can turn off your Fire TV Stick and power it back on instantly.

To boot the device hard, Fire TV Stick, unplug it from the electrical socket, let it sit for around an hour, then plug it back into the socket.

4. Leave Fire TV to Cool Off (Fix Firestick Overheating)

The overheated device also causes the black screen issue, along with other problems related to performance. If the device streaming is too near to your TV or other electronic devices and devices, it could be overheated. The inability to run too many applications and add-ons to your Fire TV Stick is another reason it can overheat.

If the Fire TV Stick gets stuck on a black screen, unplug it from its Power source via USB. Allow it to cool for between 10 and 30 minutes, then plug it back into an outlet for power.

5. Check Your Cable Connection

Another thing to verify is your connection to the TV and the Fire TV Stick. Be sure that you have the Fire TV Stick is correctly connected to the television’s HDMI port. If the black screen problem persists, consider using the HDMI extender. It’s included along with Fire TV Stick.

Amazon suggests that you connect to connect the Fire TV Stick to your TV via its HDMI extender. It improves the reception of remote signals and the Wi-Fi connection. The extender can also help prevent problems with performance like the black screen problem.

You can also try putting this Fire TV Stick into another HDMI port on your TV. If your TV has only one HDMI port, you can plug other devices into it to see whether it functions. The television’s HDMI port may be damaged if other devices do not work correctly with the port. In this situation, you must repair your TV.

6. Check Your Internet Connection (Fix Wifi connectivity Problem)

Check Your Internet Connection
blank screen in firestick TV

This Fire TV Stick may sometimes appear blank if it’s in a position to connect to Amazon’s server. This is especially true when installing your Fire TV Stick for the first time.

To correct this, ensure your Wi-Fi router is turned up and sending data. Also, ensure you are still on an active internet plan or subscription. Also, it is recommended to power-cycle your router, especially when other devices cannot establish a connection to the router. Also, Connect your Fire TV Stick to another network and check whether it can boot beyond its black display.

clear cache
amazon firestick blank screen

Do you find that your Fire TV Stick often gets stuck in a black screen every time you start a specific application? This could be due to an issue that the app is experiencing temporarily. Clearing its cache can bring the app back to normal.

Navigate to Settings >> then Applications >> Manage Installed Applications. Select the affected application and select Clean cache.

The issue could also result from bugs and glitches in the app. Fortunately, app developers release updates that fix bugs. Install your infected app(s) up to the most recent version, and then check to see if that fixes the black screen problem.

Go through settings > notifications and then click the App Updates icon on the screen. Select the app you wish to update, and then click on the update button.

You can also enable “Automatic App Updates.” This means your Fire TV Stick will automatically install updates and bug-fix updates. Visit the Settings menu >> Application >> Appstore and enable Automated Updates.

If these ways don’t work to fix the firestick blank screen, you should update or reset the firestick OS. Here is a guide on how to update and reset the firestick (Check the Last section),

Warning Does Not Promote Or Encourage Any Illegal Use Of Kodi, FireStick Or any streaming services. Users Are Responsible For Their Actions.

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