How to Fix Amazon Firestick Not Working (2024)

How to Fix Firestick Not Working: FireStick is a reasonably robust device. It’s a tiny gadget without moving parts and is highly sturdy. But, as with all technology, it’s not invincible to damage. The FireStick doesn’t experience any problems often, but it may stop working suddenly after being used for a while or, even more importantly, just from the box.

It could be a problem with your remote, a problem with compatibility, or a hidden issue in the device itself. FireStick issues can be irritating when they occur. However, the good news is that most times, there’s a simple solution. In this troubleshooting guide, we will discuss some solutions if you are firestick not working.

how to fix firestick not working
How to fix Amazon firestick not working

FireStick Problems

You can get firestick problems:

How to Fix FireStick Not Working

Whatever the problem may appear, it is possible to restart your FireStick and update the software, or simply factory reset your FireStick could be the solution that does the trick. Let’s take a look at these common fixes. You might want to try these simple solutions before moving on to more complex ones.

Let’s fix if your firestick not working:

1. Restart Your FireStick

How to Fix Amazon Firestick Not Working
restart if firestick not working

In most cases, your FireStick only requires to be restarted. This is the most efficient method to fix a problem on FireStick devices and is quick to perform. If you restart your FireStick, it continues the device, making it possible to begin new.

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How to Restart FireStick:

1. On your FireStick, visit the FireStick homepage and go into Settings My Fire TV

2. Then, locate the option to restart and then click it.

3. Select Restart again to confirm your action.

Then, wait for a moment, and the device will restart.

2. Update Your FireStick Software

How to Fix Amazon Firestick is Not Working
update if firestick not working

To ensure your device runs optimally, it’s important to maintain your FireStick software. Installing the most recent updates from Amazon to ensure you receive the corrective for bugs, crashes, and other issues with performance. Software updates can also bring enhanced and new features to provide an improved experience on the FireStick.

You’ll need to confirm that no updates are available for your FireStick device before you update. You can manually look for updates by going to the FireStick settings.

When you install this update, it cleans the issue that caused your FireStick not to work. If the problem remains, then move on to the next stage.

How to Update Firestick Software:

1. Hold the Home button on the remote of the firestick for 10 seconds until you you will see Settings.

2. Select the Device or Choose MY Fire TV. What you see depends on the Firestick OS version.

3. Now, click “Check for Updates.”

4. Update If an update is available.

5. Then, install Update.

Now, your problem will be solved. if not try another way.

3. Reset Your FireStick to Factory Settings

How to Fix Firestick Not Working
Reset if firestick is not working

Resetting the FireStick is a standard solution to many problems that cause the FireStick not to work. This procedure resets the device to its factory default settings, used when it was first purchased.

It would help if you only attempted to reset the settings on your FireStick in factory settings when other methods fail. If it is time to reset the FireStick to factory settings, all the personal settings and data stored on the device are permanently deleted.

How to Reset Firestick:

You can reset your FireStick. However, you could lose your app, media settings, and much more.

1. Navigate to settings

2. Go to My Fire TV

3. Click on Reset to Factory Defaults

4. Confirm your action by hitting the Reset button

So these are some solutions if your firestick not working. Try these solutions and fix your firestick problems. I hope this guide was helpful. If you have any questions, let us know!

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