How to Fix WiFi Connectivity Problem on FireStick – Connected with Problem 2022

In this guide, I will tell you the solutions to the WiFi connectivity problem on FireStick. Sometimes it happens you try to connect a WiFi router to your firestick device, but it gives you an error. In such a situation, you are frustrated. Now don’t worry because I am here to tell you solutions, by using these solutions you will get rid of the wifi problem on firestick. So let’s start.

How to Fix WiFi Connectivity Problem on FireStick - Connected with Problems 2021

Solutions of WiFi Connectivity Problem

There are some ways to solve the WiFi connectivity problems or connected with problems on FireStick in 2022:

1. Check Your WiFi Signal Strength

Sometimes it happens you are connected to Wifi but the signal strength is very weak. First of all, you have to set up your router near the Your FireStick device. And then see the signal strength of WiFi.

How to check WiFi Signal Strength:

  1. Power ON your FireStick and go to Setting option on the home screen.
Home Screen of firestick

2. Now, Choose and click on the Network option.

Network option

3. Now, the Wi-Fi network that is connected, automatically selected. Press the Play/Pause button on the FireStick remote to check the status of the Wi-Fi.

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Note: Make sure you are connected to WiFi.

Press the Play/Pause button

4. Now, you will see the status of the WiFi connection.

Network  status

If the WiFi signal is very good and then you can’t access WiFi. use another solution.

2. Reconnect WiFi

If you are connected to WiFi and then you can’t access WiFi. Then you have to disconnect the WiFi. and now connect it again. you may get rid of this problem.

If still, you are not able to access the internet, then try the next solution.

3. Check you are connected to right WiFi

Sometimes it happens you want to connect your fireStick device to your WiFi but you connect with neighbors’ WiFi by mistake. and you don’t know then the problem comes like this. so make sure you are connected to the right WiFi with good signal strength.

4. Reconnect VPN

If you use a FireStick device then you would have to use a VPN. if you are connected to VPN disconnect it and connect again. VPN comes with a kill switch that automatically blocks your internet. and If you use a local or cheap VPN then you can also see this problem. Connect to the nearest server to get better speed.

If you are finding the best VPNs in 2022 then click on this link:


5. Restart FireStick

If you have used all the way to connect WiFi and then still you are getting WiFi connectivity problem. then Restart the FireStick.

How to Restart FireStick:

1. ON Your FireStick device, Go to the FireStick homepage and navigate to Settings My Fire TV

2. Now, find the Restart option and click on it.

3. Click on Restart again to confirm.

Now, wait for some time the device will reboot.

Reset your Fire Stick to Factory Defaults

Resetting the FireStick not only solves the WiFi connectivity problem rather you can get better performance.

1. Navigate to FireStick Settings > My Fire TV.

2. Find and click Reset to Factory Defaults.

3. Click on the Reset button to confirm.


I hope one of these above Solutions, you got away with the WiFi connectivity problem. If you are getting any problems with FireStick tell us. We will solve by like this guide.

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