How to Update MXQ Pro 4K Firmware in 2022

How to Update MXQ Pro 4K Firmware: In this article, you will find the process of updating the MXQ Pro 4K firmWare. Let’s jump into our main topic and don’t escape any step. if you want to update MXQ Pro 4K firmware successfully.

MXQ Pro 4K is streaming device running on the Amlogic S905 operating Android 5.1 Lollipop. It is among the few devices that are less expensive that Amazon Firestick and other well-known Android boxes like the MiBox. The capability streaming Kodi through MXQ Pro MXQ Pro is the highlighting feature of the streaming device since older versions were equipped with the Amlogic S805SOC that operates on an operating system that isn’t Lollipop. Kodi does not support Android operating systems prior to lollipop. While the streaming device does have manual controls, it’s not possible to change it to the latest version of MXQ Pro firmware to the latest version without. You’ll need go through a sequence of steps prior to being able to upgrade your MXQ Pro firmware.

The S905 is fast and can easily run android 6.0 Marshmallow. It can also operate Nougat or Oreo You can now do it. So, in this video tutorial, let’s look at how to upgrade your MXQ Professional 4K to Marshmallow firmware.

If you are using old version of Kodi then you should update the kodi to see new features: How to update Kodi on firestick

How to Update MXQ Pro 4K Firmware

How do I update MXQ Pro 4k Firmware?

We’re here to assist you through the steps of how to upgrade the MXQ Pro firmware. You’ll require the following items to upgrade the MXQ Pro 4K firmware. The items you’ll need include:

  • Windows Desktop
  • Pin
  • USB connects to USB cable

The download process involves downloading this USB Burning Tool and the most recent Firmware

Step 1: Download the Amlogic USB Burning Tool zip file to the Windows Desktop.

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Step 2: Then extract the zip file to the Windows Desktop.

Step3: Install the latest firmware through a given link on your PC:

install firmware

 Connect the MXQ Pro 4K box Windows Desktop

Step 4: Then get associated with your Windows Desktop (PC) as well as your MXQ Pro 4K box via a USB cable.

Step 5: Press and hold the Reset button on MXQ Pro 4K box until the conclusion of the process. You’ll require an access code for this step.

Update the Firmware

Step 6: Launch Amlogic’s USB Burning tool to open it on the Windows Desktop and then select its .exe tool.

Step 7: You will be presented with a different language. To switch to English select the alternative from the Windows Desktop screen and click English.

click on English under windows desktop

Step8: You will get connect successfully message on display, if you installed successfully.

connect success

Step9: Choose the Import Image from the Filemenu on your Windows Desktop.

import image under file menu

Step10: Choose the .img file on Windows Desktop.

Step11: Remove the right tick on the checkbox of Overwrite Key on your Windows Desktop.

overwrite key untick

Step12: Click on the Start button that is discovered below the Title section on your WindowsDesktop to update the device.

start button

Step 13: You will notice the status of the download under the Status. When the download is complete, click the Stop button that is located on the right that is the start button in the Windows Windows desktop.

start and stop button

Step 14: Release the Reset button on your MXQ Pro 4K Box, which you’ve held at the start of the process.

So this was simple to update MXQ Pro 4K Box. I hope you successfully update.