How to fix If your Roku remote is not working in 2022

If your Roku remote is not working. As such, you can fix this problem by reading, this article.

First of all, check your remote’s batteries. sometimes batteries run out due to this remote does not work. Change batteries. If still, you are facing the same problem, then we are giving some solutions, follow given.

How to fix If your Roku remote is not working in 2021

How to fix If your Roku remote is not working

There are some ways to fix Roku remote is not working:

1. Roku remote Pairing – remote not working

Let’s say you’ve attempted to replace the batteries. (Almost every troubleshooting manual has the complete details about how you can replace the batteries however, let’s face it If you’re here most likely, you’ve done this before.)

Let’s instead take a look at the other frequent reason for Roku remote issues that is pairing. When you first install the Roku player, it will automatically connect to the remote control. Modern models can also connect your remote control directly with your TV to allow you to control the volume and power settings as well.

It’s a problem that several things can disrupt the pairing, ranging from unstable Wi-Fi to an unreset factory. If your remote isn’t able to communicate with your Roku and your streaming device is not working. The good news is that each Roku device offers a simple method to reconnect. Here’s how to do it:

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Take off the cover on the back of the Roku remote. Under the batteries, you will see a tiny circular button. It’s the button to pair. Make sure to bring it as close to the Roku device, and then press the button for three minutes. A dialogue for pairing will be displayed in some more minutes.

It’s that simple. it. In case the screen for pairing does not appear, follow these steps.

how to pair remote:

1. Remove the batteries from the remote of Roku, then replace them.

2. Reboot your Roku device (if it does not have physical buttons, disconnect and reconnect the power source.)

3. Hold the pairing button as the device boots up.

4. Try to remote to another wireless network. Wi-Fi strength is one major reason why remote pairing often isn’t successful, however, your connection will continue to work when you reconnect your Roku into your original wireless network.

If none of these options work there’s another choice. The time is now to pull out your smartphone and check out the Roku mobile application.

Access Roku secret menu

2. Use the Roku mobile app if your roku remote stopped working

Roku’s mobile application is very robust. It allows you to browse for media, find new channels, and project your content onto the screen.

The most important thing to remember is that you can make use of your phone as a remote controller using this application. Install the Roku app on iOS and Android. android Connect your device on the same network that you use for you to connect your Roku player and then click in the Remote tab. An interface with a D-pad as well as a couple of buttons for media will be displayed then you’ll be able to say that you’ve obtained a genuine Roku remote.

Roku remote app

Although you could make use of your phone as the Roku remote for the rest of your life it’s probably not the most efficient option. It’s draining the phone’s battery and you’ll likely need your phone for other uses. If you’re thinking that your Roku remote is no longer good, it’s time to buy another one.

Jailbreaking is a good thing for your roku device, But thing is how to jailbreak roku device.

3. Try a another remote if your original roku remote is not working

Roku another remote

As of the date of this writing, Roku grants four remotes including Roku voice remote ($20), the Roku Enhanced voice remote ($30), and the Roku remote for gaming ($30) and the Standard IR remote of Roku ($15).

To find out which remote is compatible with your device you should visit Roku’s website. Roku website, since it’s updated regularly with the most up-to-date information. Though:

  • Roku streaming stick Plus as well as Roku Premiere. Roku Premiere: Roku voice remote
  • Roku UltraRoku Voice remote with enhanced features
  • The older Roku 2 and Roku 3 models: Roku gaming remote
  • Roku Express as well as many old Roku models:Roku Standard IR remote

The specific feature set is different according to the remote. Roku’s Roku Enhanced voice remote offers an audio jack that can be used to listen to your music; some have programmable channel buttons, and certain models include volume and power controls for your television.

There’s a new alternative with Roku Voice Remote Pro. Roku Voice Remote Pro, with features that include hands-free controls, customized shortcuts, and private listening. It’s only the second Roku remote that is completely rechargeable.

Check out our in-depth review on the Roku Voice Remote Pro as well as read our detailed tutorial for what you can do to change it with a new Roku remote.

I hope your problem: roku remote is not working solved by this article.

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