How to Jailbreak Roku TV to Unlock Streaming Access 2024

In this tutorial, I will explain how to jailbreak Roku TV in easy steps.

Roku TV is one of the most popular devices for streaming content. It allows you to watch your favorite movies, sports, news, TV shows, and more. It ultimately rivals Amazon firestick TV devices.

The only difference between the Amazon firestick and Roku devices is that both provide open-source technology.

Firesticks can install apps from other sources that are not available in the Amazon app store, but Roku does not.

You can Jailbreak Roku and firestick devices.

Jailbreak your firestick in 5 minutes.

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How To Jailbreak Roku
how to jailbreak a roku

What is Jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking is the process of exploring your Roku TV to its full potential. That means you can remove restrictions on Roku by jailbreaking. You can get more content on Roku after jailbreaking.

We’re not jailbreaking the device since we’re not using modified firmware. However, this is how new cord-cutters are searching for this subject and how we came up with the slogan.

Jailbreaking electronics like tablets and phones often require an update to the firmware. It is possible to think of the firmware as the device’s OS. (This isn’t necessary when jailbreaking the Fire TV Stick.)

Once you’ve jailbroken the device, you can load sideload applications that aren’t ordinarily accessible on app platforms such as Amazon’s App Store.

In this way, the device will get an access point to numerous free films and television shows as well as sports channels, live channels, and more.

Can You Jailbreak a Roku Device?

You can’t jailbreak Roku devices, whether it is any model. You can’t sideload the apps like fire tv devices.

The complete answer is. It is impossible to hack any Roku device, whether you’re using a Roku box streaming stick or Roku TV, as it is closed-system software.

That means, unlike Firestick and Fire TV, you cannot download applications from the side of your Roku device.

Some solutions allow you to access third-party games in place of jailbreaking.

Most Jailbreak Roku tutorials will show you how to mirror or cast other devices that are “jailbroken” on the Roku device. Although this method can work, it’s not always secure.

In addition, you need to use multiple devices to enjoy the media you’re looking for.

The Jailbreak Roku tutorial provides an alternative method that does not require screening or casting for streaming.

This involves the installation of Plex to Roku and streaming media from the Plex Home Media Server onto the Roku device. Let’s jump to our topic of how to jailbreak a Roku TV.

How To Jailbreak Roku TV (Roku Jailbreak)

If you want to know how to jailbreak Roku, I will tell you the entire process. We will jailbreak Roku by using Plex.

1. Go to the home, by pressing the home button on your Roku remote

jailbreak roku

2. Scroll down, and click on the Search option.

how to jailbreak a roku

3. Enter Plex in the Text field.

can you jailbreak a roku

4. Choose Plex – Stream Free Movies & TV option.

roku jailbreak

5. Click on Add channel

how to jailbreak roku

6. Plex channel will be installed in a few seconds. Wait for a while.

jailbreak roku tv

7. Click Ok

jailbroken roku

8. Now click on Plex you installed earlier.

how to jailbreak roku tv

9. Select the Move channel option.

how to jailbreak a roku tv

10. Move Plex to the front of your apps list and click to open.

can you jailbreak a Roku tv

11. You will see the home screen. Click on Sign in if you already have an account; otherwise, click on sign up.

sign in to plex

12. Go to the and Get the code by the login.

get code

13. Open your Browser on another device and enter the given authorization code.

link account with code

14. Account Linked message will be seen.

account linked

15. Go back to your Plex on Roku and select your preferred Server.

choose your preferred server

16. Click on Continue

click on continue

17. Now customize as your preference and click on the Finish option.

click on finish

18. Select Plex Media Server

plex home screen

19. Click Movies to locate available content


Enjoy your Jailbreak Roku.

I think this article How to Jailbreak Roku helped you. Now you can add channels on Roku.

Twitch is one of the best channels on Roku. Know how to add Twitch on Roku.

FAQ – How to Jailbreak Roku?

What’s wrong with the Roku remote control for screen mirroring?

Your smartphone or other mobile devices can be used to mirror content and is therefore required for playback or navigation rather than the Roku remote.

Can I jailbreak Roku?

You aren’t able to jailbreak Roku devices, no matter any model. You can’t download the apps, such as fire tv devices. However, some solutions allow access to games from third-party providers instead of jailbreaking. We will offer jailbreaking tutorials within this post.

Do I need a USB to play video content on Roku?

Make use of to use the Roku Media Player app to connect to content via your USB. If your Roku model is equipped with a USB connection, the device will detect content and prompt users to open it. In other cases, you can navigate into settings > system and USB media to access your media files.

Warning Does Not Promote Or Encourage Any Illegal Use Of Kodi, FireStick Or any streaming services. Users Are Responsible For Their Actions.

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