How to Access Roku Secret Menu 2022

Roku Secret Menu: Roku TV is a device that allows you to watch movies, TV shows, other video content. But here are some Roku secret codes that are important to become quick.

How to Access Roku Secret Menu 2021

With just two mouse clicks (or commands) users can dial on their preferred channels such as Netflix and HBO Go or search for the exact content they’re searching for by titles, actors, or directors. It can be done with the Roku mobile application, the latest voice search, or using the remote.

It doesn’t matter if you have the Roku 4 set-top box or a Roku TV, there are always new tricks and tricks to master to become streaming experts.

For instance, several hidden menu screens are accessible via your Roku remote. Beware of the hidden screens: there’s the possibility of messing with the settings or factory reset if not cautious when playing using those hidden menus.

Before we discuss the steps to access these hidden menus, you must be familiar with the functions on the remote. The directional arrows indicate the direction the user wishes to go the direction of upwards or downwards, and both left and right. 

Another button that is more obvious to use is”Home” or the “Home” button, which is located in the top left corner of the remote. But, the other buttons in these menus include those that are the “Reverse Scan” button that includes the rewind icon”Play/Pause,” which is the “Play/Pause” button located underneath “OK,” and the “Forward Scan” button that has the icon for fast forward.

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how do i get to the roku secret menu? (Roku Hidden Menu)

If you are wondering How to Access Roku Secret Screen, Here are some secret menu screens and instructions to access Secret Menu Roku:

Roku Secret Menu 1:

Click the Home button five times, then press the Fast Forward (FF) three times Press the Rewind (RW)button twice.

  • This menu allows you to reset the factory settings and conduct the USB test, or update the server or the software. Use it on your responsibility.

Secret Roku Menu 2:

Press Home five times, Up direction, RW twice, FF twice.

  • This will restart your Roku device.

Roku TV Secret Menu 3:

Hold Home for five seconds, up Down, Down, Up-Down and Up.

  • This code opens an unofficial Wi-Fi menu that allows you to view things such as the strength of the signal.

Roku Secret Menu 4:

Press home five times. FF, Down, RW, Down, FF.

  • This will allow you access to an invisible antenna menu.

Roku Secret Menu 5:

Home five times, RW three times. Home five times, RW three times, FF twice.

  • This will open an option for bitrates that lets you view the quality settings and also set bitrates.

Roku Secret Menu 6:

Press Home three times, Up twice Left, Right, Left Right Left.

  • This code gives you access to the channel information menu.

Roku Secret Menu 7:

Three times press Home, up twice, Left, Right Left, right Right.

  • This will grant you access to the developer mode.

Roku Secret Menu 8:

Hold Home for five seconds, then Up Left, Right, Down Left, and Up.

  • This hidden screen allows you to unblock auto-pair cycle screen capture, cycle ad-banner, and log theme details.

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