How to Jailbreak FireStick In Easy 3 Steps – Is it Safe & Legal to jailbreak a FireStick 2022?

Do you use an amazon Firestick TV? If you are a user then you need to jailbreak your firestick because jailbreak expends features of firestick. After jailbreaking, you can install popular streaming apps for free movies, TV shows, kids Zone, News, Live TV, Sports, and multiple categories app. This method works on FireStick 4K, Fire TV, new FireStick Lite, and Fire TV Cube, etc.

So in this article, I will tell you, How to jailbreak firestick stream safely in 2022.

Amazon FireStick is an incredibly popular streaming device. this easy yet feature-rich device may be a low-cost solution to convert any regular TV with HDMI compatibility into a sensible TV.

FireStick allows you to stream content from a spread of online media and entertainment services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and many other TV Networks.

That’s all wonderful. But, there’s a serious drawback. you want to pay a subscription fee to observe content through these entertainment services. And, their subscriptions aren’t cheap; they will burn an enormous hole in your pocket. this is often why we jailbreak Fire Stick TV.


Alert: Firestick and Kodi User

ISPs and the Government are constantly monitoring your online activities. If you use copyrighted content through Firestick, Kodi or any other platform could lead you into trouble. Currently your IP Address:[show_ip] is publicly visible to everyone.
We STRONGLY suggest you to use a VPN Service For Safe Streaming.
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Jailbreaking allows you to urge third-party streaming apps that offer you free access to all or any of your favorite movies, shows, live TV channels, sports, and more.

Jailbreak, Jailbreak, Jailbreak Firestick.

First of all, we have to understand what is jailbreak firestick and why do we jailbreak firestick. so let’s understand it then amazon fire stick jailbreak.

How to Jailbreak FireStick In Easy 3 Steps - Is it Safe & Legal to jailbreak a FireStick

What is a FireStick Jailbreak?

Jailbreak may be a simple process of unlocking your FireStick and allowing yourself access to the bottomless pool of content on the web. once you jailbreak your FireStick, you get past the restrictions placed on your device once you first purchased it.

The FireStick jailbreak involves the installation of third-party applications and services that aren’t included within the Amazon App Store.

You’ll consider the jailbreaking process as bringing down the wall that stands between you and unlimited entertainment. it’s how to hack Firestick but without causing the device any harm in the least.

FireStick jailbreak is supposed for each user who wants to enjoy unrestricted streaming and with no boundaries. And, thankfully, it’s such a simple process, anyone with no technical knowledge can do it easily.


Why do you jailbreak FireStick?

The answer to the present question is quite simple. You jailbreak your FireStick to enjoy unlimited/free streaming without spending money. 

Jailbreaking brings all the web streaming content within your easy reach. It unlocks the true potential of your FireStick device. Whether you wish to observe Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Sports, or simply about anything, jailbreaking makes it possible for you.

With a jailbroken FireStick, you’ve got instant access to whatever you would like to observe. you would like to jailbreak your Amazon Fire Stick because that creates you a cord-cutter within the true sense.


Its answer is,


Jailbreaking FireStick is both SAFE and LEGAL as long as you’re not streaming any copyrighted content. it’s safe because it doesn’t involve making any changes to the system files of the OS of your device. it’s not like hacking an Android mobile or jailbreaking iOS.


you are doing not need basic access to your FireStick OS for jailbreaking. you’re not manipulating any core-level files. of these things require a particular level of technical expertise. However, as I said, jailbreaking FireStick doesn’t require any technical knowledge.

I’m a layperson and that I could do the jailbreaking within minutes. once you do the FireStick jailbreak, all you are doing is get some certain third-party apps, which we’ve talked about later during this guide.

These apps aren’t available on the official app store of Amazon. you are doing not need to program FireStick in the other way.

As for the legality, jailbreaking is 100% legal. You own the device and you’re liberal to do whatever you wish with it. you’re simply downloading some apps, which are already employed by millions.

It doesn’t even void the warranty of your device. In fact, Amazon also allows you to sideload such apps itself. However, there’s a word of caution for you.


Jailbreaking in itself is legal. But, you’re installing third-party apps that offer you access to unrestricted content. These aren’t your regular apps from the Amazon App Store. don’t overstep the legal boundaries by streaming copyrighted content.

At we encourage you to be an honest judge of your actions and stream the content available within the property right.

Always use VPN to stream to don’t get any problem.

How do you Jailbreak a FireStick?

I am giving you a process of Jailbreak FireStick in 10 seconds, I think 10 seconds is not enough to do this, so 5 minutes. It is a very easy process and it takes short time to Jailbreak Your FireStick. Follow these steps given below, after following these steps you just feel free about how to jailbreak a firestick.

Step 1: Install APK Downloader on FireStick

We have to install APK Downloader because we need to install some app through this.

1. First of all, you have to go to the home screen of your FireStick TV.

firestick homepage

2. Now, find the find option on the home screen. it may change in some versions. so you can click on the Search option if you don’t see the find option.

find and search optioin

3. When you click on the search or find option, then a window will be open where you can search apps. Now type the Downloader App or simple Downloader and search. you will see the results.

So click on Downloader from the result window.


4. Click on the Downloader app in the next window.

get or downloader the downloader

5. Now, click on the Download or Get button on this page.


6. Wait for some time, Downloader app will be downloaded and installed automatically.

Now launch this app by clicking on the Open button.

open downloader app

7. It displays some windows for the first time, you can read or just dismiss them.

When you are on the home screen of the downloader app, then you will see a window like this. Click on URL Field or search Term but before jailbreak fire TV stick, you have to enable some settings.

dowloader app home page

Step 2: Setting Up the Fire Stick for Jailbreaking

First, you would like to tweak a setting ablaze TV Stick / Cube to permit the jailbreak process to figure. This native setting is all you would like to tweak to urge started. you’re NOT infiltrating any system settings or manipulating any OS core files. This jailbreak hack is easier than most people think. You don’t even need a computer. All you would like is your FireStick, its remote, and an online connection.

1. Start the Amazon Fire TV Stick, the home screen load up in a few seconds.

firestick settings

2. Now, click on the Setting icon from the right side of the panel. The settings icon may be at different places in some versions.

click on settings

3. Now, Select the option My Fire TV from the list.

my fire tv

4. Now, click on Developer Options on this page.

developer options

5. Switch ON the ADB Debugging option.

ADB debugging turn on

6. Now, click on Install unknown apps

This action allows you to download apps from outside the Amazon App Store.

install unknown apps

7. Click on the Downloader option and turn it ON

downloader turn on

8. Press the back button on the remote of the Amazon Fire TV

After clicking on the back button you will arrive on set again.

Click to open the Preferences option.

preferences option

9. Now, Open Privacy Settings

privacy settings

10. Turn OFF the following two options to stop sharing the data usage after you jailbreak FireStick in the Privacy Settings

  • Device Usage Data
  • Collect App Usage Data
device usage data

11. Press the back button once. You should go to the Preferences window

Click on Data Monitoring

data monitoring

12. Now, turn OFF the Data Monitoring option.

data-monitoring turn on

Step 3: Jailbreak Firestick

Now, we’ll start installing different streaming apps starting with Kodi 18. If you’re not aware, Kodi may be a media application that provides you access to the large world of free entertainment.

It allows you to watch your favorite Movies, TV Shows, TV Channels, Sports, content for teenagers, and tons more. Yes, you’ll stream anything you would like. All you would like is that the right Kodi Addons and Builds.

We will jailbreak FireStick with the help of Kodi using the Downloader app.

1. Now, Open the Downloader app. Click the URL field where it says HTTP://

downloader app URL box

2. Now, enter this URL:

on URL field carefully. check once it will be correct.

Now, click GO

enter URL

3. Wait for some time, the Downloader app to download the Kodi 18 Leia APK


4. Now we have to install Kodi. Select the Install button and click on it.


5. Wait for some time, the Kodi APK will be installed in a few seconds.


6. After some time you will see a notification of successful installation.

Great! Now your FireStick is jailbroken. you successfully jailbreak firestick.

Now, you can open it from the Open button. if you want to open it later. then you have to go on the home page and find the Kodi on the apps & channel list.


7. Now, as you can see below image, this is how Kodi looks like.

kodi movies

You have Jailbreak FireStick finally. Now you can stream.

After Jailbreaking firestick, often a question comes to mind that I have a jailbroken firestick now what?

Here, the simple answer is, after jailbreak firestick, you can install any addons that you want. whether that is official or not. now you can download addons or apps from unknown sources.

Note: If you want to install addons and builds in easy 3 steps then you can check our addon or tutorial option. from where you can install the top best addons and builds.

We have already put in multiple addons and builds on this site. you just follow the tutorial guide to install.

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I would like to warn you before starting streaming on your Jailbreak FireStick because you will be visible to the government and your ISP. Therefore you might get legal troubles without a VPN. you can use IPVANISH VPN for good streaming.

But if want to watch movies, sports, and other shows on Kodi then you have to use VPN while streaming.

FAQ about Jailbreak Firestick

1. How to Jailbreak Firestick?

Ans. There are three major steps to Jailbreak Firestick:
1. Install APK Downloader on FireStick
2. Setting Up the Fire Stick for Jailbreaking
3. Jailbreak Firestick

Ans. Yes! it is safe and legal to jailbreak Firestick. but you have to use a VPN for streaming.

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