How to Use AirPlay on Roku Streaming Device Easily

If you want to use airplay on a Roku streaming device, then you are in right place, because here we will discuss the process to use airplay on Roku to mirror screen.

Roku streaming device is popular for all types of video content such as movies, TV shows, sports, anime, adult, and much more. It provides thousands of channels in its app store. It doesn’t allow third-party apps from an unknown source like Firestick TV devices. In such a situation, you can stream content on Roku via screen mirroring.

We will discuss below “How to Use AirPlay on Roku Streaming Device”. Let’s go!

How to Use AirPlay on Roku Streaming Device

What is AirPlay?

It was developed in collaboration with Apple, AirPlay functions primarily in conjunction with iOS devices such as Apple’s iPhone as well as the iPad. In contrast, Google and Android use Google Cast. With AirPlay it is possible to cast various media such as images, music, and videos onto your Apple TV, Roku, and other compatible smart TVs.

Like Google Chromecast, Roku lets you stream your apps directly from your phone or tablet onto the TV screen. However, Roku is a step further, offering an intuitive user interface, offering users the choice of opening applications directly through your Roku or managing them via your smartphone.

The majority of the time, AirPlay is managed within the Apple infrastructure, which translates the iOS device, to the Apple TV. There are however ways to make AirPlay up to third-party devices such as Roku.

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How to Check your Roku support Airplay or not?

Most Roku OS 9.4 or later versions can support AirPlay. It is possible to check this by going through Settings > System > About or by simply looking through the Settings menu to find an Apple AirPlay and HomeKit option. Visit the Roku website to get the most up-to-date compatibility information.

How to Set Airplay on Roku TV

how to set up airplay on roku tv

On your Roku Home screen go through the Settings menu, then Apple AirPlay and HomeKit, and switch AirPlay on. The Roku device should now be visible when you click an AirPlay icon on the iPhone, iPad, or Mac. devices should be connected to one Wi-Fi. You can also connect the Roku device to HomeKit to control the device using Siri as well as using the Apple Home app, but it’s not required.

Rokus come with two AirPlay configuration menus: Subtitles and captioning along with Require Code. The first menu is straightforward however, the Require Code menu specifies when you’ll need to enter a code displayed on your TV to begin AirPlay streaming.

How to Use Airplay on Roku for screen mirroring

After turning ON AirPlay on Roku, follow the given steps:

How to Use AirPlay on Roku Streaming Device
  • Open the Control Panel of your iPhone or iPad by swiping down from the top of the screen.  
  • Click on the Screen Mirroring icon (two rectangles that are overlapping).
  • Choose Roku in the search results.
  • If it asks for a passcode, enter the passcode shown on your TV.
  • Now, mirroring is started.

If you want to stop mirroring you must open Control Center, tap the Screen Mirroring button, and then stop Mirroring.

Video Tutorial:


So, this is how you can use airplay on Roku TV. I hope this guide was helpful. Please share with your friends and share your views via comments.

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