What is the Difference between Roku TV vs Smart TV?

Which is better Roku or Smart TV? In this guide, you will find the difference between Roku TV vs Smart TV. After the growing popularity of streaming devices and Smart TVs. People want to cut cords. They don’t want to pay for cable TV instead they want to stream their favorite content on the TV.

If you want to purchase a TV but don’t know what should you buy Roku TV vs Smart TV. Then this article will help you in choosing between Roku TV and Smart TV.

What’s the Difference between Roku TV vs Smart TV?

Difference between Roku TV vs Smart TV

What is a Smart TV?

smart tv vs roku tv

Smart TVs, connect to the Internet and stream online content from many streaming services, such as Disney+, HBO Max, Youtube, Prime Video, Netflix, and much more. A smart TV functions more like a tablet or smartphone. Also thanks to its integrated processor, OS, Internet connectivity, app store, and preinstalled applications.

Smart TVs offer many entertainment options, including streaming video, playing games, browsing online, and checking out social media. The TV can be used to control all your connected devices in the house.

You can connect the TV to other smart gadgets within your home. You can connect the Speaker, Mobile, PC, and more. Smart TV also allows you to command with Alexa device.

What is a Roku TV?

roku tv vs smart tv

Roku, a streaming device, transforms any normal TV into a smart TV. To offer smart TV-like functionality, it plugs into the HDMI port on your TV. Roku offers access to a variety of streaming services and their content. Roku also offers free channels. 

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Roku and other media streaming boxes plug into your TV’s HDMI port. A smart TV is similar to an all-in-1 PC. Rokus are like workstations that connect to an external monitor. Roku TV has various models in various ranges. we also made a guide Roku SE vs Roku Express model.

Roku TV and Smart TV Comparision

Operating System

Roku TV runs on the Roku operating system, while other smart TVs run on different operating systems. Android TVs run on Android OS, which is a popular operating system for smart TVs. LG smart TVs use WebOS, while Samsung smart TVs are equipped with Tizen OS. Roku OS is the most popular OS, but Android TVs offer some of the most affordable options.

OS Updates

OS updates are essential for any smart TV device. This ensures that the device is working properly and provides a smooth experience. Roku is known for providing regular updates to improve device performance. Some small brands don’t provide OS updates regularly and TVs malfunction, but that is not the case for reputed brands such as Samsung and LG.

Screen Mirroring and Casting

Android TVs offer screen mirroring, which is a great feature. Chromecast is used by Android TVs for mirror casting and screening. These features are also supported by the Roku TV.

User Experience and Processing Power

Experts and amateurs praise the Roku TV interface. The Roku TV interface is simple and offers a broad range of streaming services. This makes it an exciting choice for anyone looking to buy a new TV. Roku TV controls are also said to be easier to use. You can also use it as a voice remote with many custom features. It is fast and powerful enough to allow you to access any streaming app.

Audio and visual quality

The resolution options available on smart TVs are much wider than on traditional televisions. Roku TV is limited to 4k resolution, but other brands can offer up to 8k. However, some Roku TVs and smart TVs include Dolby Vision (HDR) on select models. You can find smart TVs and Roku TVs with Dolby Atmos sound quality.

Roku TV vs smart TV Cost

Prices for Roku TV vs smart TV vary depending on the size and type of TV set, but Roku’s devices are generally cheaper than other smart TVs.

Roku’s smart TVs start at $120 for the 32-inch TCL RokuTV TV. There are many models of Roku TV available to suit any budget, including the high-end 75-inch 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD), with Dolby Vision high Dynamic Range (HDR), TCL device.


Roku TV devices can fill the gap if smart TVs are discontinued. Roku’s demise will mean that Roku users will feel the pinch even more.

So, this was all in this article about Roku TV vs Smart TV. Before you decide between a Roku TV and smart TV, make sure you check what you have. An easy way to upgrade to a smart television is to replace an older TV. If your TV is in good condition and you only need smarter or better smart TV features and performance, then don’t spend a lot on a new TV. Instead, get a Roku TV device.


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