How to Install Mouse Toggle on FireStick / Fire TV in Easy Steps 2021

How to Install Mouse Toggle for Fire TV app / FireStick: Several Android applications are proposed for touch devices and do not work properly on your remote-controlled Fire TV Stick device. This denies the FireStick users of some good apps. because they are not compatible with your Amazon FireStick remote this is the main reason for not working. But, if you could use a mouse with FireStick, you could make apps work

You can get a cursor on your FireStick interface without connecting physically the mouse. But you just need to Mouse Toggle app. In this tutorial, I will tell you that How to install the Mouse Toggle on FireStick.

How to Install Mouse Toggle on FireStick / Fire TV in Easy Steps 2021

Installation process of Mouse Toggle for FireStick

First of all, you have to set up your device to allow third-party installation. The Mouse Toggle app is a third-party application. There are some steps to install Mouse Toggle App

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Step 1: First of all, you have to open Firestick TV. I applaud the Downloader app. It is a very useful and efficient side-loading tool for FireStick. Install Downloader on FireStick and run it. You can get this app from the Amazon Store without any problem.


Go to FireStick home screen and Find > Search and install the Downloader app

enter downloader

Step 2: When you installed the Downloader app, go to the FireStick Settings icon from the home screen as you can see in the image.

settings option

Step 3: Click on the My Fire TV option.

my fire tv

Step 4: Now, you have to open Developer Options

develop options

Step 5: Click on the Install Unknown Apps

install unknown apps

Step 6: Downloader app will be shown on the screen turn it on.

downloader turn on

Your FireStick is ready to install a third-party app.

Step 7: Open the Downloader app you have just installed.

Click on the Home then you will see a window on the right side. where you can see a search box.

Click this URL field

downloader URL box

Step 8: Enter the given URL on the URL field:

click GO after entering the URL

enter URL

Step 9: Now, you have to Allow the Downloader app to download the Mouse Toggle APK file. It may take a few minutes.


Step 10: It automatically executes the apk.

Click Install


Step 11: Now wait for a few seconds, it will install in some time.

Step 12: You will get the confirmation Notification of installation.

When you click Open here, it will be ready to launch.


How to Access and Use Mouse Toggle on FireStick

How you can access:

  • Press and hold the Home button for about 5 seconds on your FireStick remote
  • When the menu screen seems, click Apps
  • There you are in Your Apps & Channels

Now scroll down to the bottom where you will find the Mouse Toggle app by using your remote. Note that the newly installed app does not display on the home screen. so you have to go on the app and channel to see at the bottom.

To transfer any app to the home screen, pick its icon in the Your Apps & Channels option and press the menu key on the remote. Now click Move and move the icon.

How to use

First of all, FireStick Home screen > Settings > Device > Developer Options > ADB Debugging

Open the app from the Your Apps & Channels. This is how the app seems like. There is only one screen.

mouse toggle for fire tv

Make sure Enable the mouse service option is on.

When the mouse service is enabled, the Status should say started on the bottom-left side.

If the Status is stuck on starting then you have to turn it off and on.

mouse toggle for fire tv

Let me now teach you how to use the mouse pointer with any application.

I will do Showbox HD as an example as this app cannot be operated with the FireStick remote. Here is the Showbox HD home screen:

how to use mouse toggle for fire tv stick

As you can see, a menu is displaying in the top-left corner. I can’t move and click without the mouse toggle. But, there is no mouse pointer on my TV screen yet.

To display the mouse pointer, press the Play/Pause button on your FireStick remote twice.

I did that with the mouse pointer over the menu bar. Now I just need to press the Select button to click the menu on the remote.

how to use mouse toggle on firestick

The given menu is displayed. Now, I can use the mouse pointer to hover and click any item I wish on the menu.

mouse toggle for fire tv

I clicked Movies. Again, I can use the mouse pointer to open any movie I like.

after some time mouse pointer will disappear so click to play/pause button twice.


How to Scroll Pages with the Mouse Toggle?

Bring up the Mouse Toggle pointer on the screen by pressing the Play/Pause button on the remote twice.

Now, you have to quickly press the following buttons on your remote:

  • Play/Pause
  • Down Navigation

it will let you scroll pages.

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