[ Fire TV Devices ] FireStick vs. FireStick 4K vs. Fire TV Cube – Comparison

Amazon Fire TV Devices comparison | Evaluation of Fire TV Devices | Best Fire TV Devices: In this article, I will Compare three Fire TV devices that are available in the market. There are three Fire TV devices – FireStick4K vs FireStick vs Fire TV Cube. I will tell you about price, storage, performance, speed, voice support, remote controller support, video quality, and more so that you can choose the best device according to your need.

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There are three Fire TV devices:

  1. FireStick 2nd Gen (NO 4K)
  2. FireStick 4K
  3. FireStick Cube
[ Fire TV Devices ] FireStick vs. FireStick 4K vs. Fire TV Cube - Comparison
Firestick 2nd Gen in this picture is an older model. The new variant comes with the same remote as Firestick 4K and Fire TV Cube.

FireStick 4K vs. Fire TV Stick vs Cube (Firestick Comparison)

Here are fire TV cube vs fire Stick 4K and firestick comparison:

Speed and Performance

Device / SpecsProcessorCPU WidthRAM / Memory
FireStick 2nd GenQuad-Core 1.3 GHz32-bit1 GB DDR3
FireStick 4KQuad-Core 1.7 GHz64-bit1.5 GB DDR4
Fire TV Cube 64 bitHexa Core (Quad-core 2.2 GHz + Dual-core 1.9 GHz)64-bit2 GB DDR4

FireStick 2nd Gen is a pack of Quad-Core 1.3 GHz with 32-bit CPU Width, it has 1 GB RAM and Memory- DDR3.

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FireStick 4K is a pack of Quad-Core 1.7 GHz with 64-bit CPU Width, it has 1.5 GB RAM and Memory- DDR4. it is better than FireStick 2nd Gen because FireStick 4K is the 3rd Generation of FireTV devices.

Fire TV Cube is a pack of Hexa-Core (Quad-core 2.2 GHz+ Dual-core 1.9 GHz) with 64-bit CPU Width, it has 2 GB RAM and Memory- DDR4. it is better than FireStick 2nd Gen and FireStick 4K because it has a better processor and Ram/Memory.

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Fire TV Cube is Better than both Fire TV devices in terms of speed and performance.


FireStick 2nd Gen8 GB
FireStick 4K8 GB
Fire TV Cube16 GB

FireStick 2nd Gen and FireStick 4K has 8 GB Storage and Fire TV Cube has double storage in comparison to both Fire TV devices (FireStick 2nd Gen and FireStick 4K)

Note: You can increase the Storage of all Fire TV Devices.

Resolution and Video Quality

DeviceOutput Resolution
FireStick 2nd GenUp to 1080p
FireStick 4KUp to 2160p
Fire TV CubeUp to 2160p

If you are looking for high-resolution devices, you can buy FireSTick 4K or Fire TV Cube to perform content up to 2160p. In the Resolution term FireStick 2nd Gen is the backword.

Audio Support

DeviceAudio Support
FireStick 2nd GenDolby Audio with 5.1 surround sound, Up to 7.1 HDMI audio pass-through, 2ch stereo
FireStick 4KDolby Atmos with 7.1 surround sound, up to 5.1 HDMI audio pass-through, and 2ch Stereo
Fire TV CubeSame as Firestick 4K

Alexa Integration and Voice Support

DeviceAlexaVoice Support
FireStick 2nd GenYesWith Alexa enabled voice remote and Fire TV app (free to download on iOS, Android, and Fire OS)
FireStick 4KYesSame as Fire Stick 2nd Gen
Fire TV CubeYesSame as Firestick 2nd Gen + Near-field and far-field voice support with built-in Echo Dot

Alexa integration may be a given in any Fire TV device on sale now. you’ll command Alexa to point out the weather report, find the restaurants nearby, open any app you obtained from the Amazon Store, play movie titles, assist you together with your shopping list, and even ask her to inform you of a joke.

The Alexa-enabled remote is included with all three devices. you merely got to press and hold the Alexa (mic) button on the remote to urge started with voice support. However, Fire TV Cube takes the voice thing a couple of notches up. Fire TV Cube clubs Echo Dot and therefore the regular streaming hardware into one.

It comes with near-field and far-field support. This means you’ll give commands to Alexa without having to lift the remote. And, Echo Dot will hear you even over bang. additionally, you’ll control your smart devices with the Echo Dot including smart lights, your TV, and tons of other devices. 

Echo Dot in Fire TV Cube also works with the Internet of Things devices. Fire TV Cube also features a built-in speaker allowing you to use it independent of your TV. So, if enhanced voice support is your thing, Fire TV Cube is the one for you.

Remote Controls

All three devices come with the same structured remote. Besides the Alexa button, Navigation Button (ring), Back, Home, Select/OK, Play/Pause, Menu, Rewind, etc. If you lost the firestick remote or it stopped working, you can buy another one for $29.99.

You can also use your phone as a remote controller. You have to install Amazon Fire TV Remote Application, this app is available on Android and iOS for free.

Pricing and Value for Money

FireStick 2nd Gen$39.99
FireStick 4K$49.99
Fire TV Cube$119.99
FireStick 3rd Gen$39.99
Fire TV Stick Lite$29.99

Even though FireStick 2nd Gen is the cheapest of the three, I like to recommend FireStick 4K. The 4K version costs only $10 more and offers far better video and audio quality. It also features a faster processor and larger RAM.

If you’ve got a non-4K TV with max 1080p resolution, I might still say choose FireStick 4K. You wouldn’t need to invest in a new device once you upgrade your TV.

Furthermore, if you’ve got a Dolby Atmos compatible sound system, you’ll have a superior cinematic experience with Fire TV Stick 4K albeit the video resolution maxes out at 1080p.

Fire TV Cube may be a different league altogether. This device is meant to supply a more futuristic (or some might want to call it nerdy) experience. it’s primarily meant for those that just like the AI experience. With a built-in Echo Dot, faster processor, and larger RAM, Fire TV Cube costs the foremost.


Fire TV Devices are very good for streaming. you can buy any Fire TV Device. but If you want to choose between FireStick 2nd Gen and FireStick 4K. You should buy FireStick 4K because it is an upgraded generation (3rd) of FireStick 2nd Generation. But Fire TV Cube is the best device you can buy but it is costly.

This was a comparison among fire stick vs fire cube vs fire stick 4k. hope you evaluate based on your need.


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