How to Apply Best Kodi Skin in 2021 – Top 21 Kodi Skins – Part 2

How to Apply Best Kodi Skin in 2021 – Top Kodi Skins – Part 2: In this article, I will show you the remaining best Kodi skin. if you didn’t check out first part then click on the given link-


How to Apply Best Kodi Skin in 2021 - Top 21 Kodi Skins - Part 1

Best Kodi Skin

There is a list remaining Best Kodi Skin of Previous Article. so let’s start it.

11. Bello 7

Bello 7

This newest version of Bello Best Kodi skin may be an exemplar of minimalism and functionality. Users just like the purple interface and therefore the organized add-ons that make it easy to look for movies, music, images, and other content.

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The oversized red cursor and menu icons also are a treat for those that prefer emphasized visuals. Users also can filter content easily by typing in words associated with title and outline or they will check out categories like hottest, Latest Movies, and Box Office Films among others.

12. BOX


Many Kodi users prefer the system’s best Kodi skin to be simpler, more organized, and customizable. This is exactly what BOX offers, which can be a mixture of older versions of Kodi skins.

Its main menu is categorized according to movies, TV shows, and music – with the extra space on the screen to give a crisp, sharp look.

Customization is additionally a crucial feature of this best Kodi skin. For example, you can enable visualization, play video on the background, hide touch controls, and modifying the theme color on the background. The TV shows, music, and films sections even have different displays.

Music content is often sorted consistent with playlists, sources, files, and add-ons. For TV shows, these are arranged consistent with genre, actors, studios, titles, release date, and tags. Movies are often sorted consistent with titles and posters.

13. Transparency!


If you would like to make your Kodi experience into a web gallery of sorts, then Transparency! is a must-have.

There’s no got to configure any code to use the good features that it’s to supply — all you would like to try to do is simply select what fan art best suits you. It’s also tons easier to navigate Kodi with this skin.

The main menu is found on the left part of the screen and there are many customizations that you simply can do like adding a game menu button that will get you to your preferred games with a click.

14. Quartz


Quartz could also be a must have for your Kodi skin library. It’s another fan-art-based Kodi skin design that’s highly customizable, which is very inspired by the Apple TV interface.

With that being said, you’ll enjoy the convenience of navigating on an Apple TV interface plus you get a lot of fan art for a much-needed dose of creative fix.

15. Rapier


Clean, no-nonsense design best describes Rapier. The neat and stylish interface features customer home items, clear icons, splash screen, audio DSP support, games support, and touch support.

Although the whole look and feel lean towards a classic interface, it also shares similar features found in other skins. For example, when navigating on the interface, additional information is displayed whenever a user hovers on an icon.

Users also observe that this skin is updated more regularly compared to others.

16. fTV


One of the longest active skins on Kodi is fTV by hitcher. Many users enjoy this skin because it’s replicated based on Fire TV and Firestick. You get the exact look from these devices’ interface.

If you’re using a Firestick or Fire TV then fTV is the perfect companion. The simple controls allow users to switch access from photos to TV shows instantly. fTV is available on Kodi’s official add-on repository.

17. Revolve


Revolve is one among the foremost creative skins so far . That’s because it features a disc that rotates along side each element namely, Favorites, Videos, Music, Pictures, Programs, Weather, Files and Settings. 

Users can still modify the look and feel of the skin. This means they will modify the most menu, animation and background. This is a fun skin that will give your fresh interface of Kodi.

18. Eminence


For someone who’s going for easy yet very working features, Eminence is a slight download that is specially designed to provide many add-ons. 

Those who stream movies and TV shows prefer the practicality of the design since it does not have fancy icons that distract users. The text of movie synopses and related information are easily recognizable, making every selection much easier.

In addition, all menu items fit on the screen that makes the vertical menu more convenient for users.

19. Aeon Tajo

Aeon Tajo

Aeon Tajo may be a must-have for your Kodi skin library.

It’s not just another boring Kodi skin design. It plays music that’s surprisingly very pleasing to the ears. In extension, its graphics and structure are very modern, making navigation very easy and a delight to several. 

Enjoy loads of fresh visualization and relaxing music with this Kodi skin.

20. Xperience1080


Xperience1080’s best feature is its user-friendly interface that reflects neat and organized visualization. This provides a smoother experience when using Kodi.

What’s even better is that the planning eliminates all the flamboyant graphics and layout that new skins have. All you get is a straightforward interface.

When you want to modify to a replacement Kodi skin because you’re becoming bored together with your existing one, Xperience1080 may be a great alternative.

21. Aura


With Aura, you will get cool features coupled with functionality. That’s because the skin is very customizable but it preserves the minimalist look that users of this skin are very delighted with.

For example, you’ll add more items to show in a widget or arrange the view to the landscape from the portrait. 

And yes, it’s a fantastic episode list of your favorite TV shows complete with a brief summary of every. Aura features a clean-cut look that’s perfect for personalization when

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