How to Watch Redbox Free Live TV in Easy Steps

How to Watch Redbox Free Live TV: Redbox on Firestick, one of the favored online video rental services, has branched out into the Live TV domain with their free, but ad-supported, Live TV Streaming service. during this tutorial, I will be able to show you ways you’ll access and watch the Redbox Live TV service on any device including Amazon FireStick.

How to Watch Redbox Free Live TV in Easy Steps

Redbox Free Live TV Service

Redbox firestick TV app has branded its new Live TV service as Redbox Free Live TV and currently offers dozens of TV channels in various categories including Movies, TV, Entertainment, News, and Kids. the corporate is additionally regularly increasing the number of channels.

 Redbox Free Live TV is currently available in the USA and provides some popular channels like TMZ, USA Today, Dove, Fail Army, NowThis, and more. If you’re outside the USA, you’ll also access this service with the assistance of a VPN.

Additionally, Redbox for firestick has introduced 3 new in-house channels branded as:

  • Redbox Comedy
  • Redbox Spotlight
  • Redbox Rush

You don’t require any subscription and don’t need to create an account. Redbox Free Live TV is free. You have to Just visit the Redbox Website and start streaming live TV.  

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How to Watch Redbox Free Live TV Movies?

Now, Redbox Free Live TV Service is available on the website. However, they will be launch apps for Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast support.

Red box Firestick Live TV also will be integrated with LG, Vizio, and Samsung smart TVs. For now, you’ll access Redbox Free Live TV via an internet browser on your computer, mobile, and other devices.

attend the subsequent link in your browser (Firestick users can ask a subsequent section of the tutorial):

The following window page will be open on the home screen.

on this screen, many channels will be shown, choose the desired channel.

  • Featured
  • Movies
  • TV
  • Entertainment
  • News
  • Kids

How to watch Redbox Free Live TV on FireStick

Redbox doesn’t have an app for FireStick within the Amazon Store. They haven’t specified whether there’ll be any FireStick app within the future also.

As I said, they’re currently offering a browser-based service. Thankfully, you’ll watch Redbox Free Live TV on FireStick during a browser.

 You can use any supported browser like firefox etc.

Follow the steps below:

1. Go to the home screen of Firestick, and go Find > Search

You can select the search option from the top-left corner of the home screen if your firestick interface has not been updated.

find and search option on firestick

2. Now type the Silk Browser, and click on the search result where it shows.

silk browser

3. Click the icon Internet

internet icon in apps & games channel

4. Click on Download or Get

Wait for some time, the app will be download and install


5. When the app has been installed, click on the Open


6. Click on the Search bar in the top-left corner of the browser

search bar

7. Type the following URL:

enter URL

8. Dismiss, if you see any prompt.

This is the Redbox Free Live TV page as you can see in the image

redbox free live tv

You can turn between preview mode and full-screen mode any time you want to.

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