How to Fix Pair Error Easy – Olpair,,, etc

How to Fix Pair Error Easy – Olpair,, In this tutorial, I will show you that, how to fix Pair Error in Easy steps with the help of Exodus Redux. So let’s start.

How to Fix Pair Error – Olpair,,, etc.

How to Fix Pair Error

If you stream with popular Kodi addons like EXODUS REDUX, Yoda, etc, you are likely to want to have run into the Kodi pair error while trying to stream the content from certain sources. Whether you employ Kodi 18.3/18.3 Leia or Kodi 17.6 Krypton, the error is generated once you open the streams from sources like Olpair (Openload),,,, and a couple of more.

They ask you to finish the pairing process on their website to permit the playback from their streams. There are only a couple of sources that cause this error, but I do know it’s a touch annoying. during this guide, we’ll discuss the varied methods to require fixing pair errors in Kodi.

I even have seen that each one of the favored add-ons fetches streaming links from,, and OpenLoad a.k.a Olpair. But, we’ll look out for it during this guide. Keep reading!

Openload stream authorizaion

Why Do You See Olpair, pair,, Error in Kodi?

The truth is that the pair error in Kodi isn’t exactly a mistake. it’s a prerequisite to stream the video content from the sources like,, Openload or Tvad me pair. Openload and other such sources that demand pairing offers a large inventory of feature content including your favorite movies, TV shows, documentaries, and whatnot. 

They are doing provide superior quality content, with better resolution and reduced buffering issues. And, they are doing it free of charge. But, because they supply top-grade content quality, they receive many thousands of playback requests on their servers.

Alert: Firestick and Kodi User

ISPs and the Government are constantly monitoring your online activities, If you are streaming copyrighted content through Firestick, Kodi or any other unauthorised streaming service ,It could lead you into trouble. Your IP Address: is publicly visible to everyone.

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As a result, their servers get jammed up. All the traffic delivered to their servers doesn’t begin from human requests though. Their traffic would get clogged largely because of automated requests generated by the bots and scripts.

The pair error in Kodi is a gate that would be skilled only it’s verified that it’s a person’s posing for access. That’s why they screen all the requests to their servers and only you verify yourself as a person, do you get access to their content.

I like to recommend following the pairing process for a much better streaming experience. the primary method will tell you ways to try to do it. However, if you don’t want the links from these sources in the least, I even have a second method for you.

Method #1: Pair Your IP Address

I like this method more. It lets me duck the pair error in Kodi without dropping out on the approved links from these servers. All you would like to try to do is pair your IP address on the website and you’ll stop getting these error messages on all of your devices connected to an equivalent network.

As an example, if you’ve got Kodi on your computer and mobile connected to an equivalent Wi-Fi network whose IP address you’re pairing, you’ll get obviate the pair error in Kodi on both these devices. Please remember that pairing remains valid just for 4 hours. you want to pair again after 4 hours have elapsed. Let me now show you ways to pair your IP address. 

#1: When a streaming source needs pairing, a message like this looks on your screen – OpenLoad Stream Authorization

Open load stream authorization

#2: Open a browser on your mobile or computer and attend to the link provided within the message. I am using the OpenLoad Stream Authorization as an instance in this tutorial guide. Open the link

Tip: If you’re using Kodi on a remote-controlled device, like FireStick, Fire TV, or Fire TV Cube, you’ll follow the tactic below on a computer, mobile, or tablet connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your device. 

#3: I’m not a robot, tick the mark on the checkbox.

i am not a robot

#4: Now tick that part of the images, that says there.


#5: When the verification is successful, you’ll see a green checkmark before the text I’m not a robot. Click the Pair button on rock bottom

#6: When your IP address is paired, you’ll see the Pairing is successful! message.

pair your device to use openload with 3rd party applicants

You have taken the administration of the olpair Kodi error. Now return to Kodi and play the streams from these references. Your IP address will persist paired for up to 4 hours.

The Stream – or Stream –

Is Olpair,,,, OpenLoad Safe?

I am a Kodi user for several years. I even have tested, tried, and used dozens of add-ons. I promise you that the sources like OpenLoad and Tvad. 

I that need pairing are safe. I normally prefer their streams over others. They verify your IP address only to form sure that only humans have access to their server and it’s not overloaded with hit attempts from bots and scripts. That said, these sites should have licensed or copyrighted content.

And, once you stream licensed or copyright content, you’re always in danger even unintentionally. Since these sites are using your IP Address for pairing, you’re exposed. While these providers wouldn’t use your IP Address for any malicious purposes, if they’re involved in any lawsuits for hosting copyrighted content, they’ll need to divulge the IP address of their users to the legal authorities. this might easily lead you to bother.

But, you’ll easily avoid this by employing a Kodi VPN. As I even have already suggested, that’s the simplest course of action. With a VPN, your internet traffic is routed through a special server. you’re assigned a new IP Address. VPN service providers use impenetrable encryption protocols and maintain a zero log policy. Your online actions can never be tracked back to you.

Method 2: Disable the Hosters with captchas within Kodi

If you don’t want to go through the pairing process, you can avoid the pair error in Kodi by simply disabling the option Hosters with captchas. Remember, by doing so, you would possibly miss out on some quality streams from the servers like OpenLoad. 

There is no common setting in Kodi to disable Hosters with captchas for all addons. You must do it individually for each addon. Following is the image with Hosters with captchas enabled. As you’ll see, there are many links from OpenLoad. Later, I will be able to share the image with Hosters with captchas disabled.


I am using the Exodus addon in this tutorial guide as an instance. But, this works for all the addons that support Kodi, follow these given steps:

You may also check:


#1: Go to the Kodi Main screen and open the Exodus addons from Add-ons > Video addons


#2: Scroll down and click on Tools


#3: Open the SETTINGS: Playback

settings playback

#4: Click on the Playback option on the left. Now disable the Hosters with captchas 

hosters with captchas

Now, all the OpenLoad streams are gone, you can see that in a given image.

openload stream are gone

Now you can go back and play the video that you want to play.

Warning Does Not Promote Or Encourage Any Illegal Use Of Kodi, FireStick Or any streaming services. Users Are Responsible For Their Actions.

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