How to Cast to FireStick from Android, iPhone, PC & Mac in Easy Way

How to Cast to FireStick: Are you fed up with reading content or watching videos using a phone that is 6-inches or a laptop with a 13-inch screen? It doesn’t have to be this way. Instead, you could mirror your laptop or phone’s screen onto your TV and not just give you a greater image, but also ease your neck and eyes of strain. You’ve arrived at the right spot because precisely that’s what I’ll assist you with. Without further delay let’s start the procedure.

So in this article, You will find the process to Cast to Firestick From Android, PC, iOS, Mac. Let’s start without wasting your precious time. If you don’t know about AirScreen: AirScreen – How to Stream Amazon Firestick Using AirPlay.

How to Cast to FireStick from Android, iPhone, PC & Mac

Check Your Network on FireStick

The Amazon FireStick and casting device require a connection on the same network to allow you to cast directly to your FireStick. Therefore, before you start check that both devices are connected to identical networks. Here’s how to check the connection to your FireStick:

1. Launch your firestick, you will see the home screen. Now click on the Settings icon.

settings icon

2. Now, click on My Fire TV.

my fire tv

3. Click on About.

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4. Now, select Network. Scan your Wi-Fi connection, called the SSID, Make sure that it matches the signal on your phone.


How to Cast to FireStick from Android

The process of casting an Android smartphone onto a FireStick is easy. First, you must switch your FireStick on mirroring mode. Next, you must join your Fire TV from your phone. The steps are below for exactly that.

1. Press and hold the home button on the remote of FireStick TV for 2 seconds, until you see a menu appear.

2. Select Mirroring. The FireStick will be in Mirroring mode. Your Android smartphone will be able to recognize your FireStick within the network.


Android smartphone and navigate to settings.

4. What is the name of the option we’d like to choose is determined by the model of your phone.

5. After selecting the cast set that is available on your device, choose your device’s name for your Fire TV device

screen sharing

6. Now your phone screen will be cast to firestick.

6. Now, your phone’s screen will be mirrored on the FireStick.

It has was very effective in all aspects, from changing the orientation of the screen, to altering the volume. It’s important to note that you cannot duplicate content on your phone when its display is turned off or locked disabled.

How do I Cast to FireStick using Windows PC

The idea of casting any device into the FireStick remains the same however the steps are different for each device. Nowadays, the majority of laptops that run Windows 10 support Miracast. This is a method of sharing content that lets you transfer information from one screen to another screen in a wireless mode.

Before you proceed, set your FireStick into Mirroring mode If you haven’t done so yet.

1. Press and hold the home button on your FireStick TV remote for two seconds, until you see a menu appear.

2. Select Mirroring. You can now move the Windows PC or laptop.


3. On your computer or laptop, find the notification section in the bottom right corner.

notification section

4. Find the Connect option.

5. Click on Connect.

Click on correct

6. If you notice your Fire TV name, Choose the option to begin casting. If you can’t find the Fire TV name, click on Other types of devices at the lower right of the panel. You will then find the name of your Fire TV in that menu.

Fire Tv name

7. You can change the mode of projection according to your preference.

8. As you can see from the below screenshot there are three options available: Duplicate (replicates the screen on your laptop or computer), Extend (acts as a secondary monitor alongside your laptop or PC screen) as well as the second screen (turns off the computer or laptop’s screen). If you’d like to remove yourself from casting, select Disconnect from the option to disconnect option within the project panel, or press Disconnect within the tiny overlay on the top of your screen.


How do I Cast iPhone/Mac to FireStick?

Casting content on Apple devices, such as a MacBook or iPhone is not as simple as it is with Windows. It requires downloading an application called AirScreen to FireStick. Apple devices (OS iOS and X iOS) have AirScreen’s AirPlay technology to mirror your screen.

Installation of AirScreen to FireStick

Since the AirScreen app is accessible on Amazon’s Amazon App Store, you don’t need to undergo the sideloading procedure. You can follow these directions to download the AirScreen application on your FireStick.

1. Start by scrolling from the Home screen down to the Menu bar. After that, scroll to the bottom and select Search.


2. Now, enter the AirScreen, You will see a list below, where you have to click on AirScreen.


3. Select the AirScreen in the APPS AND GAMES channel.

4. Click on Get or Download.


5. Select to open that same page after the installation is completed. Once AirScreen starts, you’ll receive an intro message, with two options: How to use as well as Start Now. You’ll notice that clicking the How to Use option takes the user to a brief video tutorial. If you don’t know How to Use with it, recommend you go through the instructional. If you’re comfortable with the app, simply click to start now.

how to use

6. You need to ensure that AirPlay can be turned on within the AirScreen application. This can be accomplished by going into the Settings and checking you have there is an AirPlay option is checked. If not, click the option to mark the box.

How to Cast Mac to FireStick

Following the instructions below, you can follow to connect using your Mac onto your FireStick. Make sure that your Mac, as well as your FireStick, requires a connection with the same WiFi network to allow you to successfully cast.

1. Start on the home screen of the AirScreen application for your FireStick. Scroll to the left menu and click the Help option.

2. Choose macOS.

choose macOS

3. Choose AirPlay.

choose airplay

4. Click the Control Center icon in the menu at the top. after that choose Screen Mirroring on your Mac.

Screen mirroring

5. select and click on AS-AFTMM[AirPlay] to cast the MacBook screen to FireStick. 

How to Cast iPhone to FireStick

1. Launch AirScreen app on your FireStick. then click on Help on the left-hand menu.

2. Choose iOS.

choose ios

3. Choose AirPlay.

4. Open the Control Center from the top right corner of the screen of your iPhone.

5. Choose Screen Mirroring.

screen mirroring

6. Click on AS-AFTMM[AirPlay] to Cast your iPhone device’s screen to your FireStick.

This is how you can screencast to firestick from iPhone, Mac, Windows, Android.

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