Gears TV Reloaded IPTV Shut Down: FBI Seizes All Assets

Gears TV Reloaded, the favored IPTV service, has packed up following a crackdown by the FBI. OMI during a HELLCAT, the founder, and developer of the IPTV Gears Reloaded TV service and also the owner of the successful eponymous published a 36-minute video providing the entire information associated with this crackdown.

Gears TV Reloaded IPTV Shut Down: FBI Seizes All Assets

The FBI has also seized most of the assets and cars owned by the founder. The founder is probably going to be charged for piracy and concealment.

There are many crackdowns recently, the foremost recent one being that of 1 Nation Builds and Kodi UK TV Repository. Before that, the favored streaming links provider Openload had been taken down due to legal actions by the authorities.

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What are the alternatives?

Even though Gears TV Reloaded was a particularly popular IPTV service, we still have quite a few options to observe cable TV at a reasonable price.

Here are some of them:

Alert: Firestick and Kodi User

ISPs and the Government are constantly monitoring your online activities. If you use copyrighted content through Firestick, Kodi or any other platform could lead you into trouble. Currently your IP Address:[show_ip] is publicly visible to everyone.
We STRONGLY suggest you to use a VPN Service For Safe Streaming.
I personally suggest you to use EXPRESS VPN, It's one of the safest and fast VPN available in the Market. There is a 30-Days money-back guarantee 3 Months For Free If you will purchase for the 12 month plan.

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  • Sapphire Secure IPTV
  • Sportz TV
  • Helix TV IPTV

You may also explore our list of Best IPTV Services to seek out more options. There are some Live TV APKs you’ll want to undertake also. However, they’ll not be nearly as good because of the paid IPTV services.

How does it affect users?

Whenever such crackdowns happen, the developers are usually made to cooperate with the authorities. As a result, they’ll be obligated to share any user data they’ll have logged. Although somewhat unlikely, this might end in action being taken against the users of the services. it’s best to not take any chances. 

While we don’t promote copyright infringements, we completely support your rights to privacy and online security. it’s highly recommended that you simply use a VPN whenever you employ third-party services like Gears TV Reloaded IPTV.

A VPN will conceal your online identity and supply complete anonymity. the thought is to use a reliable VPN that gives high speed and total privacy with absolutely zero logging.

I’m using IPVANISH VPN on all my streaming devices and suggest you are doing an equivalent. It offers dedicated apps for all the favored devices including Fire TV / Stick.