Best Free and Paid Roku Channels in 2024

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This guide will show you the best Roku channels.

You can stream blockbuster movies and TV shows on the best Roku channels. Many of these channels are also free. Roku continues to add new channels. Roku recently added Espacio Latino to its service, which offers hundreds of hours of content in Spanish.

You can access many Roku channels with one of the best Roku devices (some will offer a free trial to new members). This includes power players such as HBO Max, Peacock TV, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Disney Plus. You can also stream gaming content via twitch.

You can also Add Adult channels to Roku; here are the best Porn Channels for Roku and a guide to Adding them.

best Roku channels

Best Roku Channels You must Add

Here are the Best Roku Channels:

1. Peacock (free or subscription)

peacock on roku

Peacock finally takes flight on Roku. The NBC Universal streaming service was launched on July 31, on all major devices, except Roku. Peacock now supports Roku in Premium (ad-supported) and Free (ad-supported). Both offer thousands upon hours of movies and TV shows sourced directly by NBC Universal’s most recognizable brands. Peacock free allows you to view 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, and Battlestar Galactica. To get Peacock originals, sign up for Premium ($4.99 if you have ads, $9.99 if you don’t have).

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2. Netflix (subscription)

Best Free and Paid Roku Channels

Netflix is a pioneer in the marathon TV viewing session. This makes it a natural inclusion on our list of top Roku channels. Netflix has a variety of content. This includes classics like The A-Team and newer hits like Black Mirror. Netflix offers some of the best-received original programs. These include Marvel tie-ins Daredevil and Jessica Jones and revivals of old shows like Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life or Fuller House. For a comprehensive overview of the top big-red, check out our guide to Netflix’s top shows.

Netflix Plan and Price:

  • Mobile-only ₹149/mth
  • Basic ₹199/mth
  • Standard ₹499/mth


3. Amazon Video (subscription or a la carte)

Best Free and Paid Roku Channels

Regardless of whether you subscribe to Amazon Prime, the Amazon Video channel is an excellent addition to your Roku. Prime members can access a wide variety of TV shows and movies at $99 per year. Amazon Video allows you to rent, buy a la carte and stream original programs such as Transparent and Mozart In the Jungle. Amazon Video subscriptions can be purchased for as low as $9 per month if your Amazon Prime membership is unavailable.

Amazon Prime Video Price and Plans:

  • Monthly – Rs179/month
  • Quarterly – Rs459/month
  • Yearly Rs1,499/year

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4. Crackle (free)

Best Free and Paid Roku Channels

Crackle is an excellent Roku channel that offers big-budget movies. However, you may be required to watch some commercials. The app is excellent for those who have cut cable but love to watch action films and relax to them. Crackle’s channel selection is constantly changing; however, some incredible movies like Gattaca remain.

5. Disney Plus (subscription)

Best Free and Paid Roku Channels

Disney Plus is a streaming service that provides a vast library of content. There are animated films, Star Wars original series, and many Marvel Cinematic Universe contents.

In addition, there are plenty of bizarre, low-budget live-action films you’ll never remember having watched in your younger years. It’s 7 dollars per month. This is which is much cheaper than other streaming services. You have the option not to give Disney any attention or money.

Disney Plus Price and Plans:

  • Monthly $7.99/mth
  • Yearly $79.99/year


6. YouTube (free and a-la carte)

Best Paid Roku Channels

YouTube isn’t a channel, but its sheer volume of videos is unparalleled. There’s a lot to choose from: web series, music videos clips from TV and movie shows, and narrated playthroughs of popular video games. There are also many other options, including free movie rentals and racier content.

7. HBO Max (subscription required)

Best Paid Roku Channels

HBO Max, the latest version of HBO Go, and HBO Now have been excellent for streaming past and current seasons of HBO shows such as Succession and Euphoria. 

HBO Max streamed big movies, in addition to comedy specials and classics, on the first day they were released in cinemas. This is gone. However, HBO Max keeps streaming big-name films such as The Harry Potter Reunion.

8. Apple TV

Best Paid Channels  for roku

Apple TV Plus offers an array of original programming for $5 per month, although it’s not very good. You can listen to shows like Dickinson, See, or The Morning Show, with actors like Jason Momoa, Hailee Steinfeld, and Jennifer Aniston, among others. The Apple TV app allows you to access TV shows and movies purchased through iTunes if they aren’t for your taste.

9. Hulu (subscription)

Best free Channels for roku

Hulu (opens in new window) is one the most popular Roku channels, thanks to significant network deals, such as Fox, NBC, and The CW. It uploads new episodes right after airing. It has past seasons of many popular shows and hosts entire series of nostalgia shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Daria. There are a few decent Hulu originals like Difficult People or Casual to sweeten the deal. 

10. Showtime (Subscription)

Best free Channels for roku

Showtime is home to some of the most beloved and unusual TV shows, such as Shameless and Homeland, Billions, and The Affair. Showtime Anytime, available as part of your satellite or cable package, allows you to view the channel’s TV programs, comedy specials, and sports events. You can also subscribe to Showtime separately, which gives you access to the same content.

11. FandangoNOW (a la carte)

Best free roku Channels

FandangoNOW appears like Amazon Video at first glance. FandangoNOW is Roku’s default streaming TV and movie service and is precisely what it says it is. It lets you purchase and rent movies from every Roku device. While the choices aren’t like other streaming options, it’s worthwhile to try it since it’s now offering the most miniature selection of 4K-quality movies.

12. Subscription to CBS All Access

Best free Channels for roku

CBS All Access allows users to access CBS programming in real-time. It also provides the option of a library on demand with more than 2000 titles. These include NCIS, Supergirl, and The Twilight Zone. Star Trek: Discovery is the main attraction of the service. It’s the first new serial adventure in the series since 2005. It’s a great show, and there is no alternative to it in the United States. CBS All Access deserves the spotlight in the context of the Twilight Zone reboot, also accessible via the service.

13. Vudu (a la carte)

Best free Channels for roku

Vudu might seem like another a-la-carte service that sells TV shows and movies you can rent at premium prices. Vudu is one of the most popular channels on Roku. Vudu may allow you to redeem any Blu-rays you have purchased in the last few years. This gives you a decent library, to begin with. The service also offers 4K HDR content, something not available on other video streaming services.

14. Roku Channel (free)

Best free Channels for roku

Without the channel’s title, there is no way that discussion on the top Roku channels would be complete. Although the Roku Channel doesn’t have the most movies or TV shows, it has the best selection. This seems like a fair tradeoff. The channel features a rotating selection, including films like Legally Blonde or Drunken Master. Periodic ads support the content as if you were watching a movie via basic cable. Roku also offers a Kids and Family section, which provides more friendly fare for younger viewers.

15. Plex (subscription)

Best free Channels for roku

Plex lets you play your video content straight to Roku. This is a fantastic option to stream your video instead of having it curated by various channels. Plex organizes your content and streams it directly to your Roku. It also contains season, episode descriptions, and artwork for the cover. Plex visually enhances the experience of watching your content on YouTube and Netflix.

16. Twitch (free)

Best free Channels for roku

Twitch will be a hit with people who like video games. This widespread network hosts video games live to stream and first place to find them. You’ll find everything you need, from Overwatch to Dark Souls to Pokemon. Twitch provides a range of streams, including tips and techniques, competitive play, and Let’s Plays.

17. Peloton

Best free Channels for roku

Peloton enthusiasts don’t need a Peloton bike to avail themselves of the popular instructors-led courses. They can download the app from their smartphone. You can also connect to the Peloton Roku channel to choose the cycling workout they want to stream on a large-screen television. You can also find floor-based exercises, such as strength, yoga, and HIIT.

You can log in to the channel with your existing Peloton account. A 30-day trial is available for new users. After that, the app-only membership costs $12.99 per month. You can sign up via Roku Pay on your TV.

18. Sky News (free)

Best free Channels for roku

Sky News broadcasts live from the U.S., U.K., and Canada. The organization was founded in the U.K. but provided news anyone can use. Sky News offers live and cached news feeds that allow users to view news highlights when they are most convenient. Live coverage is available 24/7.

19. Sling TV (subscription)

Best free Channels for roku

Sling TV has 20+ famous broadcast and cable channels like Cartoon Network, ESPN, and TBS. Sling TV also offers a range of additional packages, including Spanish-language channels and additional programming for children. Sling TV is less expensive than cable and can be accessed on many devices also, watch favorite TV shows live.

20. NBA (subscription)

Best free Channels for roku

NBA streams live basketball games. It also offers a bit of entertainment for casuals. Sling TV app Let’s access live scores, video highlights, stats, and more. It can’t stream local games due to restrictions.

21. MLB.TV (subscription)

Best free Channels for roku

Baseball is not for everyone. There are 30 teams and games every night. MLB.TV offers live streaming of recorded home games and away games as well replays, replays, replays, and more stats than any other streaming service. MLB.TV, Major League Baseball’s official streaming service, will let you watch every regular season game from every player.

22. ESPN

Best free Channels for roku

ESPN will be your best choice if you’re unsure what sport you want to follow. You’ll get plenty of value when you subscribe to WatchESPN regardless of whether you have an internet connection or a cable subscription. It is possible to access ESPN 2, ESPN 3, and ESPNU live all the time. Streaming live matches from professional basketball, football, and tennis are possible.

23. NFL (subscription)

Best free Channels for roku

The NFL app is an excellent Roku channel if you are a fan of American football and have a Roku device. The channel can automatically play several highlights of games. A Game Pass subscription or the NFL app allows sports fans to watch all of the games from each team throughout the season right from their Rokus. This includes the opening skirmishes up to the Super Bowl.

24. Spotify (subscription)

Best free Channels for roku

Spotify lets you listen to complete albums or songs by nearly all of the most famous musicians of the last 100 years, such as Mississippi John Hurt and the Rolling Stones. Spotify provides the music you’re looking for, whatever your preferences in music. Spotify can be enhanced by music from your collection.

Spotify Plans:

  • Student: $4.99
  • Premium: $9.99
  • Family: $15.99


25. PlayOn (subscription required)

Best free Channels for roku

PlayOn makes your Roku a media server and allows you to access over 60 channels, including broadcast TV sites like CBS, Fox, and ABC. You can stream primetime television shows just a few days after they air. Also, you can film your videos on the internet using PlayOn.

26. Starz (subscription)

Best free Channels for roku

Starz is not as well-known as Showtime or HBO, but it still has lots to offer. It is possible to stream popular TV shows like Blunt Talk or Ash vs. Evil Dead. Starz was the first network to release the most significant hits like Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

27. CuriosityStream (subscription)

Best free Channels for roku

Think back to the informative and scientific entertainment provided by National Geographic or Discovery Channel in their glory days. Now imagine that in 4K. CuriosityStream offers all of this, which is well worth the monthly subscription. CuriosityStream provides a wide range of information, including chemistry, geology, and astronomy. Deep Time History is a unique combination of astronomy and world history that is well worth checking out.

2. Pluto TV

pluto tv on roku

Pluto TV lets you watch 100+ Channels and provides free movies, TV shows, and more. You can watch live TV and other channels but can’t get the latest content. However, you can get old content in various genres, including drama, sports, food, kids and more.

3. Tubi

Best free Channels for roku

Tubi is another multi-content channel that offers a wide range of TV shows and movies for free. Tubi has everything you need, from Western drama True Grit to Resident Evil’s horror movie. There are a variety of categories to pick from, including comedy, drama, and horror, in addition to specific niche categories like the anime genre and Korean dramas.

5. Xumo

Best free Channels for roku

Xumo provides free streaming and lives TV. You can surf more than 190 channels, including comedy, sports, and local news. FailArmy is a fun channel that will make you laugh, while Family Feud allows you to have some family time. FOX Sports, PGA Tour, and many other sports highlights are available.

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