Google TV Remote – Reconnect Chromecast with Google TV Remote (2024)

If you are having an issue chromecast with google tv remote not working and want to reconnect Chromecast with google TV Remote. Then you are in right place here you will find a process to reconnect chromecast to google tv remote.

Chromecast with Google TV runs Android TV OS and offers a range of streaming services. It looks small and connects to a TV via an HDMI port. Chromecast with Google TV comes in three colors: Sky, Sunrise, or Sky. Google TV’s most significant advantage is its remote. You can access the GoogleTV remote with the help of 2 AAA batteries.

The remote supports Bluetooth and IR. It also supports Google Assistant. We should initially set up the remote with Google TV. The remote will pair automatically when we turn on the device. Sometimes, however, the remote does not pair with Google TV. We need to reconnect the Google TV remote to navigate the TV interface. This guide will help you to fix the problem.

How to Reconnect Chromecast with Google TV Remote

How to Connect Google TV Remote

If your Google TV remote does not connect, it will chime on the TV screen. This indicates that the remote cannot pair with Google TV. You can now manually reconnect the remote via Chromecast.

1. The button located at the back will open the pairing mode.

2. Hold the home and back buttons simultaneously on the remote until the LED light below the remote starts pulsating.

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3. Once you see the LED light blinking, click the Home button of your remote. The remote should now be paired with your Google TV device.

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How to connect the Google TV remote from a smartphone (Chromecast with google tv remote app)

1. Install Google TV remote app onto your smartphone.

2. Use your phone to navigate the Google TV Settings and Remove the Remote.

3. Next, pair the remote with your Chromecast.

Google TV Remote Issue: Best Solutions

If your Google TV remote doesn’t work, you can try these fixes.

  • Please remove the batteries and insert them again.
  • Reboot Chromecast using Google TV
  • Re-install the remote control
  • Do a factory reset

Chromecast 2 offers many improvements over previous models. It is a dedicated remote control that has been voted one of the top streaming devices. You have unlimited app support and can stream websites and other content. This article will show you how to fix your Google TV remote.

Factory Reset your Chromecast Google TV Voice Remote

If all else fails, You can reset the factory settings of the Google TV remote without resetting the Chromecast itself.

This will erase any personal settings that you’ve set up on the remote and restore the remote to its factory settings.

Step 1. Take the batteries off your Chromecast by using the Google TV remote.

Step 2. Hold and press the Home button to release the batteries.

There should be a solid light on the lower part of the Chromecast remote.

Step 3. After the light starts blinking, press the Home button.

The factory reset process will take just a few seconds. The Google TV remote should pair automatically to your Chromecast.

Last Words – How to use chromecast remote

So in this guide, you have found the best solutions and process to Reconnect GoogleTV Remote. I hope you got right solution. If this article was helpful then share with you friends.

Most Frequently Asked Questions – Chromecast remote pairing

1. How do I reconnect Chromecast remote?

* Click the button on the back of Chromecast to activate the device.
* Next, press the back and home buttons simultaneously until the LED lights up. To pair the remote, press the home key.

2. How do I reset my Google Chromecast remote control?

Reset the Google Chromecast remote by pressing the button on the Chromecast’s back until the LED light turns red. The Chromecast remote will now reset. Next, connect the Google Chromecast remote.

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