How to Set up Duff Light Build on Kodi

You must install any build on Kodi. because build provides you with various types of content along with settings, skin, tools, and more. Duff light build is very lightweight and fast. here you will find the process to install duff Light Build on Kodi.

DuffLight is a simple build with all the important features you’d expect in any build. The developers have a hamper on the non-essential items to form the build lightweight and fast. That’s the explanation for why it works so well on FireStick and other devices with moderate hardware configuration. The build allows you to watch all kinds of video content. it’s preloaded with dozens of quality add-ons.

How to Install Duff Light Build on Kodi in Easy 2 Steps


NameDuff Light Build
StatusCurrently Not Working (Alternatives of Duff Kodi Builds)

How to Install Duff Light Builds on Kodi

Turn on the Unknown Sources

If you want to install a third-party Kodi Duff X Build like Build on Kodi then you have to enable the Unknown Sources option first. let’s start:

Launch Kodi and go ahead to Settings > System > Add-ons > Unknown sources (toggle ON). Set Show Notification.

enable unknown sources

your Kodi is ready to install the third-party addon and builds.

Install Duff Light Kodi Builds

Follow the steps given below to install the Duff X Kodi:

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1. Go to the home screen and click on the Settings icon on the top-left corner of the screen, again.

settings icon

2. On the next page, click on the option called File manager.

File manager

3. Now, click the option Add source.

add source

4. Now a dialog box will be open. Click where you will see the <None>.

None section

5. Now you have to type the given URL:

Click OK

enter URL

6. Type Stream for media source name. Click OK

enter media source name

7. By clicking the back button, you will return to the home screen and go to the Settings menu again.

Now, click the option Add-ons.

add-ons option

8. Open Package Installer on the top-left corner of the screen.

package installer

9. Go ahead and click on Install from zip file when you this window

install from zip file

10. Look for the Stream that we have given name to media source.

How to Install Duff Light Build on Kodi in Easy 2 Steps

11. Click to open the zip file

repository file

12. Wait for the notification that says – Stream Digital Add-on installed. It will display on the top-right of the Kodi screen.

stream digital repository file installed

13. Click on Dismiss button on the bottom-right side of the screen.

Now, you will see a settings list of wizards.

14. Click on the Continue button or press the back button.

15. You may now click Build Menu.

Now click on ignore button.

16. If the prompt display again, click the same button.

17. Go to the Kodi home-screen again.

18. Click on Add-ons and then select Program add-ons in the left sidebar

Open the Stream Digital build that you installed before seconds.

How to Install Duff Light Build on Kodi in Easy 2 Steps

19. Open Builds by clicking on it.

How to Install Duff Light Build on Kodi in Easy 2 Steps

20. Now, click on the DuffLight option on the next window.

How to Install Duff Light Build on Kodi in Easy 2 Steps

21. Go and click on the Fresh Install

How to Install Duff Light Build on Kodi in Easy 2 Steps

22. Click on Continue to confirm when this popup window display

How to Install Duff Light Build on Kodi in Easy 2 Steps

23. Wait for some time, the build will download in a few minutes.

24. Click on Force Close

How to Install Duff Light Build on Kodi in Easy 2 Steps

you have successfully installed the Duff Light build on your Kodi.

Warning Does Not Promote Or Encourage Any Illegal Use Of Kodi, FireStick Or any streaming services. Users Are Responsible For Their Actions.

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