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Best Free VPN: Your privacy may be at risk if you browse the Internet and do online streaming. So you use VPN. If you use Best VPN then only you will be safe and you have to pay to use a good VPN. There are some such VPN that do not need to buy a plan. Along with these free best VPN provide good performance and Safety. So in this article, we will tell you the Best Free VPN, that can be used for Firestick and Kodi. But before knowing the Top 5 Free Best VPNs, what is the difference between Paid VPN Vs. Free VPN.

Best Free VPN

When searching for a VPN service, you will discover both free as well with paid alternatives available.

Although the free VPN service might seem to be adequate to use for basic purposes there are plenty of advantages you can enjoy when you pay for a VPN.

If you’re thinking what the reasons behind the cost of a VPN service is charged for, it’s due to the operation of VPN services. All VPN services depend on top-of-the-line servers, which are very expensive to set up and run over the long term.

So, I think of what a VPN provider can have the money to offer free services. There has to be a way to make money while still paying the cost of maintenance, and, at the same time, the book profits.

It reminds me of a famous saying, “If it is free, you are the product.” Free VPN providers likely collect and sell your personal information. That’s exactly the reason I prefer an expensive VPN over a free one.

How to install Free VPN on firestick

Here are some steps to install the Best Free VPN on firestick:

  1. Launch your firestick TV, you will see the home screen.
  2. Navigate to Find > Search options.
  3. Enter the name of Free VPN.
  4. Click to Go.
  5. Click on VPN icon from the apps and Games Channel.
  6. Click on Download or Get.
  7. Wait for download and install.
  8. VPN will successfully install on your firestick.

Best Free VPNs for FireStick

1. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is currently the most reliable VPN for FireStick that is available online. With over a thousand million users per month, the VPN product is among the most well-known VPNs that are available.

It provides the fastest internet speed among all the free VPNs and has a simple and user-friendly interface. What is it that makes Hotspot Shield so popular is the unique fact that, in contrast to other Free VPNs, they allow torrenting and file sharing with no limitations.

In addition, the app can provide maximum compatibility with PCs, Android, and iOS devices.

Many believe that Hotspot Shield is the best free VPN for FireStick. But, as with any Free VPN, Hotspot Shield comes with some shortcomings. It has unclear and confusing Privacy Policies and doesn’t provide live chat, making it an unfriendly service from the perspective of a user.

It also has an upgrade plan that will improve some of the features and provide an improved stability and reliability service.

Customers who choose to upgrade and pay for the premium version can benefit from over 2,500 servers across the globe, live chat customer support as well as military-grade SSL encryption.

2. PrivateVPN


PrivateVPN has a unique business model that differs from the other VPNs we’ve discussed previously. In contrast to other companies on the market, PrivateVPN offers its potential customers the chance to try their service for seven days for absolutely free. That means, even though PrivateVPN’s VPN service is not time-bound but they permit their customers to use their service without any restrictions during the period.

Since PrivateVPN does not offer a Free VPN, instead it offers a premium VPN service that is available for an indefinite period Users can enjoy an excellent VPN service without having to pay any money.

What’s included in This premium, time-limited time service?

In the beginning, it comprises greater than 80 servers across the globe, providing unlimited bandwidth to ensure maximum speed. It is a simple-to-use application and can run up to six simultaneous devices simultaneously. All of this is in 2048-bit encryption as well as the strict zero-logs policy. If you test the trial version for free of PrivateVPN you’ll likely intend to use it over the long term.

Private VPN might not be the best VPN for FireStick however it is definitely worth giving it a shot.

Apart from this 7-day free trial, PrivateVPN also offers an excellent 30-day money-back assurance. You can thus decide to cancel your subscription if you want to and still have the chance to try the service and its features for free.

3. provides a no-cost package that’s a perfect example of the average. There aren’t any outstanding features in the Free VPN service, but not having any disadvantages or shortcomings in the process, this Free VPN version is as standard as they come. It comes with some advantages and disadvantages however neither are they too obvious that it would cause you to choose between when deciding whether or not to use this VPN. Because provides a moderate service, it’s an excellent choice for novice VPN users.

The primary benefit for’s free version trial version lies in its versatility and features for compatibility. It is a VPN that is capable of working with a range of devices and offers a variety of VPN protocols, which is extremely useful for users who want to change their VPN service and customize it as they go.

However, also has a couple of drawbacks that you must be aware of when considering enrolling with the VPN service.

The most significant drawback with this cost-free VPN service is its small data limit, which is set at two gigabytes per month. Furthermore, the speed of connection can differ, and there can be occasional connection drops occasionally.

4. Windscribe


Windscribe functions perfectly and is the smallest size app that doesn’t occupy much space and is simple to utilize even if not used any free VPN or paid VPN service before. As with the previously named Hotspot Shield, it also offers a no-cost or paid version.

The paid version gives unlimited access to more than 600 servers in fifty countries around the world. Additionally, the paid edition has specific ‘Windflix’ server locations, that are available only to customers who purchase the premium membership.

What do you get when you sign up for the free Windscribe service?

The free version can be used on almost every platform available and also includes additional applications that work with Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. The free version has a monthly limit of 10GB, which is an amount of data when compared with the majority of free VPNs that are available.

Windscribe provides access to more than 10 countries, however, with slower speeds than more expensive versions. Internet speeds when using Windscribe aren’t wildly fluctuating however they are rarely over the average. If you’re looking for a Fire Stick VPN you likely want to utilize it in conjunction with streaming services. If so there is a possibility of experiencing occasional buffering problems.

5. ProtonVPN


To VPN users who appreciate flexibility, ProtonVPN is the best option among the VPNs for free we’ve talked about thus far, and not just on FireStick but any compatible device. The primary benefit ProtonVPN has over the other VPNs for free is that it offers unlimited data. It’s an excellent option for those who need more data for surfing the web but don’t want to take the extra mile and purchase an expensive paid VPN service. It means you can use the service free to use for however long want.

Of course, all this comes with a price. ProtonVPN speeds for the internet aren’t remarkable at all and the minimal selection of servers online makes this VPN not a good choice for users looking to switch between servers to get access to content across the globe.

There are just three countries that users can connect to, which means for anything else you’ll need to purchase the premium version. When everything else is considered ProtonVPN can be described as a user-friendly and flexible VPN, but the slow speeds slow it down and stop it from advancing to 5th in our ranking. The slow speeds may not work well with the streaming apps available on Amazon Fire Stick.

“So you understood in this article that what is the difference between Paid VPN and Free VPN. and we have told you the best 5 free VPNs for internet browsing and streaming on firestick and Kodi. If you can pay some money then We will recommend you Paid VPN because Paid VPN can Perform better than a Free VPN also give a better security option with more servers. Here are the Top 5 Best Paid VPN. you can check these.”

Warning Does Not Promote Or Encourage Any Illegal Use Of Kodi, FireStick Or any streaming services. Users Are Responsible For Their Actions.

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