How to Add and Watch BET Plus on Google TV in 2022

How to Watch Bet Plus on Google TV: BET+, also known as BET Plus, is a subscription-based streaming platform by BET networks. The creators can stream more than 2000 hours of black content. It also allows users to stream episodes, special shows, events, and original content. BET+ is $9.99 per month and comes with a 7-day free trial. You can save your favorite titles to your watch list for easy access, so they are available anytime. BET+ can be cast to any TV screen. It is the latest streaming app that has been integrated with Google TV. 

This guide will teach you how to get BET plus on Chromecast with Google TV.

How to Add and Watch BET Plus on Google TV
How to Add and Watch BET Plus on Google TV

How to download BET Plus on Google TV

Officially, BET+ is available in the App Store for Google TV. The installation process of BET plus on google TV is straightforward.

1. Turn on the Google TV by connecting it to your TV.

2. Hit the Search menu from Google TV’s home screen.

how to get bet plus on google tv

3. Use the virtual keyboard to enter BET+ into the search bar.

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how to install bet plus on google tv

4. Choose the BET+ app among the suggestions.

5. On the app overview page, click the Install button.

6. Wait for a while, BET+ Application will install on your Google TV.

7. After the activation, you can open the app from your Google TV device. You will then receive an activation code.

8. You can also visit bet. Plus/activate the site from any browser.

9. Enter the Activation code, and then click the Continue button.

10. The BET+ app is now available on Google TV.

11. Sign in with your credentials to BET, and you can stream from the app.

how to add bet plus on google tv

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Alternative Way to Access BET Plus on Google TV (Screen Cast)

Chromecast support is available for the BET Plus app. It is simple to cast videos to Google TV using your Smartphone’s Play Store or App Store.

1. Download the BET+ App on your phone. If you have installed BET Plus already, skip this step.

2. Connect your Google TV to a WiFi network

3. You can connect your Smartphone to the same WiFi network. This will let you cast videos onto the TV.

4. Start the BET+ app and enter your BET Plus login details.

5. Hit the Chromecast icon from the top right.

how to watch bet plus on google tv

6. It will now display all nearby devices available for casting. Select your Google TV to it.

7. Finally, you will see that the BET PLUS show is now playing on TV.

You can stream everything from classic hits to the newest blockbusters via the BET+ app. You can stream Tyler Perry’s Ruthless and Sacrifice as well as the Ms. Pat Show and First Wives Club. You can watch multiple movies and TV shows on Google TV by installing the BET+ app. Please leave any questions about this article in the comments section.

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