Twitch: 10 Tricks and Features to Get the Most Out of the Streaming Portal

We bring you a selection of 10 tricks and features to make the most of Twitch, one of the most famous platforms of recent times, which is becoming so powerful that companies like Valve and Google are trying to compete with them.

This site knows how to play its cards right by taking advantage of YouTube’s controversy over how it pays its streamers. It is trendy among young people, students who can even buy essays for college, earning money through this platform.

twitch tricks and features
Twitch tricks and Features

10 Twitch Tricks and Features

On this occasion, we’re going to show you both the most essential features so you can learn how to use them and other, slightly more complicated techniques. Not that this is a very

complicated service or one with many tricks and surprises, but with this article, you will learn all of its features, nooks, and crannies so that you know how to get the most out of it.

1. Follow channels and games.

If you’re just getting started on Twitch, one of the first steps you need to take is to follow your favorite games and channels that interest you the most. If you’re tracking certain games, your home screen will prioritize the streams that host the games. And if you’re following specific channels, you’ll be notified when they start streaming.

 To follow channels, log in to the channel by clicking on the streamer’s profile name
 Once in the channel, click the Follow button with a heart
 To follow a game, go to Explore to see them all
 There, click on your favorite game
 Once in the game’s profile, click on the Follow button with a heart

2. Show or hide when you are online

Before we move on to other, more complicated techniques, let’s start with something simple. If you don’t want others to be able to see when you’re online, click on your profile icon in the upper right corner to open an options menu. In this menu, you can uncheck the Connected option so that it won’t show up when you’re online. And if you enable that option, another one will appear that shows your activity.

3. Personalize your channel… even if you’re not broadcasting

Even if you’re not going to take the world of broadcasting seriously or make it your profession, it never hurts to be able to personalize your page in case, by commenting on videos, you get attention and someone decides to visit it. To change your profile picture or background image, go to the Settings menu under Profile. You’ll see options to change your profile picture and banner, where you can place a photo with your social media addresses.

You can add and customize various items if you go directly into your channel and activate the Edit Panels option. You will see the items in the extensions panel, where you only need to click the Activate button of the thing you want to use. You can also click the Edit button to change the channel settings and theme.

4. And if you’re streaming, become an affiliate

Twitch has an affiliate program that allows you to try to monetize your account and your broadcasts. To qualify for this program, you must broadcast at least 500 minutes for at least seven days in the last month. You also need to have an average of 50 subscribers and three regular visitors.

If you meet these minimum requirements, you should receive an email invitation. All information is available on this official website. If you become a member, you can get paid for the visitors you have and the Bits system.

5. Watch the old streamings when there are no live streams

Did you miss your favorite show or visit a channel when it’s not streaming? Don’t worry, because Twitch also saves recent streams. You can watch them late. All you have to do is go to the channel of your choice and click on the “Videos” section, where you’ll see all the past broadcasts.

There are usually two types of streamers in the Twitch world: content with simply broadcasting their favorite games and those who want to stand out and make a “career” in this sector. For the latter, it is always important to know the stats; it is always helpful to refer to sites such as

The site contains all of Twitch’s statistics, such as the most popular accounts or the most successful live streaming channels. But most importantly, it also shows you the most popular games and the most popular games of the moment, so when in doubt, you always know which ones are of the most interest to users.

7. Don’t forget the desktop app

Twitch also has a desktop app similar to Skype but with more features. You can use it to send messages, make video calls to your friends within the platform, and join communities built around games or streamers. You’ll also need this app to use Twitch Prime’s free games.

8. Take advantage of Twitch Prime

What do you mean by free games? Yes, because if you’re an Amazon Prime user, one of its benefits is that you can access Twitch Prime by linking your Twitch account to your Amazon account. By doing this, you get various benefits such as ad-free videos, you can sign up for a free channel every month, and you’ll have access to free content and rewards every month. Free games every month!

Once your account is linked, you’ll need to click on the crown icon in the top Twitch bar each month to receive rewards. Also, free subscriptions don’t renew every month, so if you want to continue, you’ll have to do it again. By the way, not only are their free games, but there’s also certain content for other games.

9. Don’t forget that Twitch is not just for PCs.

It may seem like this site is focused on PC games, but it’s not because Twitch allows streaming from Xbox One and PS4. To stream from Xbox, launch the free Twitch app and select the streaming option. On PS4, click the Share button, and when you choose how you want to stream the game, you’ll have the opportunity to select Twitch.

10. View the statistics of the stream you are watching

There are two types of people: those who watch and enjoy the stream and those who, when they watch, are interested in latency, resolution, or memory usage. If you are one of the latter, congratulations because Twitch will allow you to activate a little floating window in the video with this and much other technical information about the stream.

  • Enter the stream
  • Hover your mouse over the video to open the options
  • Click on the Settings option using the gear icon
  • A window will open in which you need to click on Advanced Options
  • There, activate the Video Statistics option

Do you know any other hidden Twitch tricks? Could you share them with us?

Twitch is available on multiple platforms:

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