How to Turn off Firestick – 3 Easy Ways to Turn Off Amazon Fire TV Stick

How to Turn FireStick OFF – 3 Easy Ways to Turn off FireStick:

If you are a new firestick user, you have to know how to turn OFF Firestick. In this tutorial guide, I am going to show you three ways to turn off your FireStick in some time. The methods during this guide apply to fireside Stick 4K and Fire TV Cube also.

How to Turn off Firestick - 3 Easy Ways to Turn Off Amazon Fire TV Stick

The FireStick remote now comes with an influence button. However, this button has nothing to try to do with FireStick itself. the facility button, volume controls, and therefore the mute button synch with the IR profile of your TV.

once you turn the quantity up or down together with your FireStick remote, you’re changing the quantity of the TV. Similarly, once you push the facility button, you’re turning off your TV. Even when your TV is off, FireStick remains running.

the great thing about FireStick or Fire TV is that it turns itself off automatically when left idle a few times (20 minutes). So, albeit you only turned the TV off, after 20 minutes, FireStick will get turned off automatically. However, if you would like to show it off manually, this is often where the methods during this guide will inherit the image.

Remember that FireStick doesn’t get packed up. there are no thanks to switching it off unless you unplug it from the facility source. Turning off implies that you simply are putting it within the Sleep mode.

Alert: Firestick and Kodi User

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How to turn off a Fire Stick / Fire TV

In this section, you will find 3 methods to “how to turn off amazon fire Stick“.

Method 1: Shut down firestick from the home menu

This is one of the easiest ways to turn OFF FireStick. By using this way you can’t turn it off but you can sleep on your firestick.

So, there are some steps to sleep firestick or as we can say turn off a firestick.

1. Press the Home button on your FireStick remote until you see the window like this.

sleep option

2. Now, you have to click on the Sleep button.

You will see your firestick screen is shutting down. if you want to wake up your firestick then you have to press any button on the remote.

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Method 2: Turn OFF FireStick from the Settings

This is also the easiest way to turn OFF FireStick. I would like to say that, By using this way you can’t turn it off but you can sleep on your firestick.

Follow these given steps below:

1. Go to the Firestick home screen

2. Now, click on the Settings option on the top menu bar.

settings option of firestick

3. Now, click on the My Fire TV

my fire tv option

4. Now, you can see the Sleep option on the given list.


FireStick will now go to sleep in just a second, and again I would like to tell you that, if you want to wake up firestick then press any button on the remote.

Method 3: Unplug FireStick from the power source

This may seem rather too obvious, but it’s the sole thanks to truly close up or pack up your FireStick.

Even when FireStick is in sleep mode, it keeps running within the background. Most of its functions are disabled within the sleep mode. However, many keep running.

To turn OFF FireStick, you’ll either turn the facility cut, pull the FireStick adapter out of the facility source, or pull the facility cable out of the device itself. This would shut down the device. It is also a sort of hard reboot.


So, from this guide, you have learned about how to turn off firesticks. We have given 3 methods to turn OFF firestick, you can use any one of these.

Warning Does Not Promote Or Encourage Any Illegal Use Of Kodi, FireStick Or any streaming services. Users Are Responsible For Their Actions.

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