Popular Music Streaming Apps You Should Try

Listening to music can set the mood for your day. Music can lift your mood, boost happiness, and even reduce anxiety. Now, instead of relying on radios to listen to music, you can use music streaming apps to listen. As a result, music streaming has developed significantly and is currently one of the most popular ways to listen to music.

Some music streaming apps are available for Android and Apple phones. There are also many different features that come with the different streaming apps. Some even offer a paid subscription that allows you to unlock more features. Here are some popular choices of music streaming apps that you can try.


One of the most popular music streaming apps is Spotify. Spotify has many things to offer, proving it a popular choice for music streaming apps. It includes tens of millions of songs, playlists, podcasts, customised radio stations, and even video material.

Spotify also boasts the best device compatibility while having an easy-to-use UI. It is available on Android phone and Apple iPhone. In addition, the free version is better than most streaming services.

With Spotify, you can even start a listening party with your friends. You can view, share the listening activity with your friends or keep it private if you feel like it. Spotify is free to use; however, you could also upgrade to Spotify Premium with different subscription plans, including individual, student, and family plans.

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Apple Music

Another popular music streaming service is Apple Music. The first reviews it received when it first came out were mixed, but it quickly became one of the best music streaming apps. The app offers an easy interface, millions of tracks, including playlists, and a 24-hour live radio.

You could even upload your own music and stream it on your device. Not to mention, Apple Music is compatible with Apple phones and Android devices. Moreover, Apple Music offers spatial audio albums with no extra fees.

Even though it does not have similar sharing options to Spotify, Apple Music allows its users to follow their favourite artists and view their activities. In addition, individual plans, student discounts, and even a family plan for up to six family members are available on Apple Music.


Tidal is one of the best music streaming apps among listeners. As a matter of fact, it is more expensive than most streaming apps, but this translates into high-res audio, Dolby Atmos mixes, and better revenue for artists.

Tidal will take 10% out of your monthly subscription and grant it to artists you played. Other than that, Tidal offers Android TV support, curated playlists, music blogs, along with thousands of music videos.

Although Tidal does not have many fancy features, it is mostly catered to serious listeners who would like to support their artists. However, it is also a good option if you are an audiophile in which you can use an MQA decoder with it.


Qobuz is also another hi-res audio streaming app perfect for audiophiles. However, with Qobuz, you do not need an MQA decoder to listen to them. You can simply enjoy the experience with your speaker without any extra equipment.

Qobuz offers two membership plans to its users: the hi-res Studio Premier, which starts at $13 per month, and the Sublime Plus, which costs $180 a year. This streaming app even has its own hi-res download store where listeners can buy and download music. If you are a Sublime Plus user, you will be able to get more discounts.

This music streaming application boasts of having over 70 million tracks, with its catalogue rivalling Tidal’s and Spotify’s in number. Qobuz is best for jazz and classical music fans because it favours high-resolution recordings; moreover, it also has a good rock selection.

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YouTube Music

Google’s YouTube Music is also a good choice for a music streaming app. You will be granted access to YouTube Music for free if you sign up for YouTube Premium for $12 monthly. Compared to Google’s old Google Play Music, YouTube Music has a cleaner interface.

In addition, this music streaming application even offers its users over 60 million tracks to choose from. Moreover, instead of playlists, YouTube Music offers well-curated radio stations that are endless and updated frequently.

YouTube Music’s performance is not as impressive as the rest on this list. However, Google has retained its predecessor’s music locker system. With this system, users can upload new tracks and keep them there. Sounds interesting, right?


This app is another popular music streaming app, especially for indie artists. SoundCloud is a music streaming service that also enables you to upload your own music. Moreover, the music you upload will also be accessible by other users of SoundCloud.

Additionally, if you are an indie artist looking to start the music, you can earn money by uploading them onto SoundCloud. This will require you to upgrade your SoundCloud account to a Pro Unlimited account which costs $144 yearly.

What’s more, SoundCloud has its on-demand service, the SoundCloud Go. This service will grant users millions of popular tracks to the mix. The total of tracks a user would be granted is over 150 million tracks only for $9.99. To choose the right music streaming app for you, you must consider your needs and interests. For example, if you are an audiophile, you may consider Tidal. Once you have found the good music streaming app for you, then you can consider upgrading your free plan to a paid one for.


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