How to Uninstall Apps from FireStick in Easy Way

In this guide, You will find the process to uninstall apps from firestick.

As we know, plugging a fireStick into the HDMI port of a display turns it into a full-fledged entertainment hub. It’s a fantastic option for those who wish to enjoy their favorite shows on any screen they can find.

On the firestick, you can install apps like Netflix, youtube, Hulu, and many other apps available on android. Thus, many users download and install tons of applications on their FireSticks. They will be disappointed afterward when their storage overflows while the system’s speed gets slow.

This is precisely what I’ll assist you with. Let me describe the problems it will resolve when uninstalling programs from your Amazon FireStick.

How to Uninstall Apps from FireStick
How to Uninstall Apps from Firestick

Why should you remove apps from FireStick?

How to remove programs from FireStick is among the most frequently asked concerns. Here are a few reasons users can delete applications from the Fire TV Stick.

To Free Space for other applications

The FireStick is a small device with a small storage capacity. You may have to re-download space for applications you’d like to install when you download too many applications you don’t use or don’t want to use. Typically, people delete apps they don’t often use to establish more apps or make space to install an OS upgrade.

To Clear App Data & Cache

Most people don’t clean out the cache and data of apps they regularly use. Instead, they remove and then reinstall the app to eliminate the cache and delete the data from their FireStick mainly since this procedure could fix other technical issues too.

To Fix Application Malfunctions

A few users also remove and reinstall apps to resolve their technical issues. Users who experience constant slow or unresponsive processes when using specific applications can typically resolve the issues by deleting and installing those applications. If you’re experiencing issues with delays, sluggishness, or crashes in any of your apps, remove and install them again to see whether it can restore those apps to a functional state.

To Speed Up Their FireStick

Like fixing problems that arise with apps, deleting additional applications can improve the performance of a FireStick. The device with apps performs slower since there’s not enough space for an operating system to run efficiently. Suppose you clean the storage on the Amazon FireStick by deleting apps and creating the space needed by the device to function, which usually will increase performance. There may be less buffering. Also, however buffering can result from poor internet connectivity.

To Get Rid of Bloatware

FireStick has applications already, also called “bloatware“. The users who aren’t interested in the bloatware could wish to remove it to free up space for their devices. Therefore, a lot of FireStick users delete unwanted bloatware.

How to Uninstall Apps from Firestick

You can remove apps from firestick via the settings menu. Let’s know how to uninstall apps from firestick:

1. Open Settings from the firestick home screen.

How to Uninstall Apps from FireStick

2. Now, select the Applications option.

How to Uninstall Apps from amazon FireStick

3. Now, you can see Manage Installed Applications.

How to Uninstall Apps on FireStick

4. On this window, you will see a list of firestick apps.

How to remove Apps from FireStick

5. Choose the app that you wish to uninstall firestick app.

How to delete Apps from FireStick

6. After clicking on the app, you will see many options. You can force stop, clear cache on firestick and data also uninstall apps from apps. So Force Stop.

How to delete Apps from amazon FireStick

7. Now, you can clear cache.

How to remove Apps from amazon FireStick

8. After that, Clear Data.

uninstall firestick apps

9. Finally, Hit Uninstall option to remove firestick app.

remove firestick apps
uninstall apps from firestick

11. Again, choose to Uninstall button.

delete firestick apps
uninstall apps from firestick

So this is how you can uninstall and delete apps from firestick. And also clear cache and data.

Deleting firestick apps can improve your firestick performance.

Here are the best firestick tips and tricks to make your experience better.

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