How To Reset Firestick Remote Quickly in Easy Steps

Reset Firestick Remote: Most people like to watch TV in their free time and they have also taken the Firestick TV device. If you have also a firestick TV device then you already know the firestick comes with a remote. Obviously, your remote is not working properly. So you are finding ways to Reset your remote. But don’t know, How To Reset Firestick Remote Quickly.

Don’t worry now you are at the right place. Here you will find how to reset the firestick Remote in an easy way. without wasting your precious time let’s jump into our topic.

How To Reset Firestick Remote

What Happen When You Reset Amazon Firestick Remote?

It is possible to reset Firestick Remote in the process of removing the FireTV Stick remote from the TV. It erases any connection that exists between the television and the remote and requires the user to set up the connection again. If there is a problem with the user arises, and the Remote isn’t working, this is the most effective method to solve the issue.

Is your firestick TV showing – Home is currently unavailable message, solve it quickly.

How To Reset Firestick Remote?

If you want to reset your firestick remote, follow these instructions, carefully:

Open your Firestick TV home screen and Press the Left + Back + Menu Button on your firestick remote, at the same time for at least 10 seconds.

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firestick remote reset

After that, you have to wait for 1 minute and then remove your Firestick from the TV.

remove firestick

Now, Remove batteries from the firestick Remote. and again wait for 1 minute

remove batteries from firestick remote

After that, Plugin back your firestick in your TV. and Also insert batteries in your firestick remote.

Open the firestick home screen, just press the Home button on your firestick remote for 40 seconds.

Wait for 1 minute and check your remote is working or not.

If still your remote is not working follow this guide: Firestick Remote not working – Solutions in this guide, you will find the many solutions to repair your remote.

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