How to Mirror Android Phone to TV (Connect Your Phone Wirelessly)

How to Mirror Android Phone to TV:
The screen of your android phone’s tiny screen isn’t made for watching fitness classes on the internet or participating in a zoom call. Instead of looking up to check what’s happening, it’s possible to reflect or cast the phone’s screen onto an adjacent television with a couple of clicks. You’ll require the appropriate hardware to accomplish it, but it’ll spare your neck from strain.

Alongside a pleasant watching experience casting your screen also comes in handy when you want to take on a couple of rounds “Among Us” or share the most recent TikTok trends that you cannot get enough of.

If you have an Apple device and want to mirror screen to TV: Screen Mirroring iPhone to TV With or Without AirPlay

The greatest thing? You may have all the equipment you require. If not, it’s not expensive to set up. Here’s how to start casting or mirroring your Android tablet or phone’s screen to your television.

How to Mirror Android Phone to TV
How to Mirror Android Phone to TV

How to Connect and Mirror Android Phone to TV

1. You can go into settings on your smartphone, TV, phone, or bridge gadget (media streaming device).

Notice: The Android phone will be on the left side and the television screen to the right in the following steps.

Alert: Firestick and Kodi User

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how to mirror an android phone to tv without wifi
How to Mirror Android Phone to TV

2. Screen mirroring can be enabled on the TV and phone. In the case shown, the name employed for TV mirroring is Wi-Fi Direct.

how to mirror android to tv without chromecast
How to Mirror Android to TV

3. Look for the bridge or TV device. It could also be listed in a list of devices. In the mirroring of TV screens menu, choose the Android tablet or phone.

how to mirror phone to tv
How to Mirror Android Phone to a TV

4. Start a connect process, following the time your Android tablet or phone and your bridge or TV can recognize one another.

screen mirroring android to tv app
How to Mirror Phone to TV

5. The Android screen appears on the TV screen following the “connect” procedure is completed.

screen mirroring android to smart tv
How to Mirror Phone to a TV

Mirror Android Phone to TV with Google Home

The most reliable and reliable method of mirroring the screen of your Android device is by using your Google Home app. If you’ve set up one of Google’s smart speakers, Nest Wifi, or Chromecast devices, you probably already have it set up. If not, you’ll be able to install it through Play Store.

Launch the Home app and select that Chromecast device you would like to use. On the lower left of the screen, click Cast My Screen. You’ll need to acknowledge the prompt telling you that what’s on the phone’s screen will be shown to any TV in the room. There may be an additional prompt to inform you that your device isn’t designed to mirror. I’ve had no problems casting my screen even though I’ve encountered the warning. Tap the stop mirroring button on the home app to control your screen from releasing.