How to Install XBMC Hub Wizard Kodi Addon (EASY SETUP)

This guide will help you install the XBMC hub wizard in just 5 minutes! The XBMC Hub Wizard installs all top TV addons on XBMC / Kodi, such as Exodus and The Royal We. While many people will find the Hub Wizard an excellent solution for their Kodi TV Addons, others might find it too complicated to install enough addons. Install your addons separately with our Video tutorial if that is the case. 

Important: Parents, beware! The XBMC hub Wizard could contain Adult Television Addons that provide XXXX / adult content.

How to Install XBMC Hub Wizard Kodi Addon (EASY SETUP)

List of TV Addons in XBMC Hub Wizard

How to install XBMC Hub Wizard

  1. Open Kodi Player.
  2. Go to System > FILE MANAGER in the Kodi dashboard
  3. Select Add Source
  4. Now, choose and enter
  5. Hit Done
  6. Enter a name to this media source in the empty box
  7. (any name), and hit Done. We named it “f” to indicate that it is fusion.
  8. Return to the homepage of Kodi
  9. Select System > Settings
  10. Select Addons
  11. Choose Install from zipping
  12. Enter the source name that you have entered in the previous steps (we used “f”)
  13. Select START
  14. Select the file and choose OK
  15. Return to the Kodi homepage
  16. Go to PROGRAMS
  17. Select Config wizard (Note: For Android devices, you need to go to Program addons, then Config Wizard).
  18. A welcome message will appear. You can let it play.
  19. Select your Operating Systems (for Firestick / FireTV, choose ANDROID)
  20. The XBMC hub Wizard will install onto XBMC / Kodi at this point!
  21. Once that’s completed, I will relaunch Kodi.
  22. You can now launch individual TV addons from Kodi’s dashboard by going to VIDEOS > Addons and then selecting an Addon such as Exodus. Stream on!

There are other ways to install TV addons.

Addon Installer to Add individual TV Addons into your Kodi / XBMC Installation so that you don’t have the clutter of the XBMC hub Wizard.

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