How to Install Nova TV on Firestick in Easy Way 2022

How to Install Nova TV on Firestick: If you are finding a firestick app with a huge library of video content. then you are in the right place because here you will find the process to install the Nova TV apk on Firestick. Download Nova TV on firestick to enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, and more. let’s start the installation process without taking time.

How to Install Nova TV on Firestick

What is the Nova TV app?

Nova TV APK provides on-demand content, with the option for streaming Movies and TV shows. It is a good collection of content. It also receives regular software and content updates.

Due to its compact dimension, NovaTV APK works smoothly on FireStick as well as other TVs with lower specs.

The app appears to utilize high-quality scrapers that retrieve several active links with HD quality. Nova TV also allows the integration of Real Debrid and other top hosts.

The features are part of the Nova TV FireStick app

The following are the features of this application:

  • Nova TV APK features an extensive library of movies and TV shows
  • It’s a nice and user-friendly app
  • You can sign up with Real Debrid, Premiumiize, as well as other premium hosters.
  • The Trakt sign-in option is also available.
  • The app allows you to select the categories/genres right from the home screen.
  • It allows streaming in HD

How to install Nova TV on FireStick

FireStick allows for the installation of third-party software. However, it is not directly. Here are some things you’ll need:

  • Apps from unknown sources option that must be turned on within the settings for the security of FireStick
  • A sideloading app or utility (we will be using for the Downloader app in this guide)

The steps that follow will cover both parts. These are the steps to follow:

1. The first thing you need to do is to load your FireStick Home screen. This is the screen you’re supposed to be on.

home screen

2: Now, using your FireStick remote, go to the top of the section and highlight the menu bar.

When the menu bar has been selected, select Settings.

3. Go to the right, then open My Fire TV.

4. What you will are going to see next is the following list of possibilities

Now, you have to select Developer Options.

5. On this screen If you notice that Applications from unknown Sources is off Click it, and then turn the feature ON.

6. Confirm, then continue to click “Turn Off” when the prompt is shown.

7. Hit the button Home on your FireStick remote. It will return you to the home screen.

Click on the menu bar at the top and then select Search. Select the search option located in the upper-left corner.

8. Look for the application called Downloader.

It is as simple as typing the initial few letters and selecting Downloader within the search options (image below)

Simply follow the on-screen directions to install the app.


9. Access the Downloader app once it’s installed

If you encounter any prompts, you can dismiss them by selecting the appropriate onscreen choices

In the primary screen in the Downloader application, select the URL section, where you will see HTTP://

enter URL

10: Now, use the onscreen keypad and type the following URL:

Make sure you’ve entered it correctly

Click on GO or play/pause on the remote

11: NovaTV APK file downloading

Wait for a while.


12: After the downloading is complete.

Click on the Install button to install Nova TV on firestick.

Click on install

13. Nova TV FireStick app is now in the process of installing

Give it another few seconds

4. Now you have two choices

Click OPEN and begin by using NovaTV APK on the FireStick straightaway

click Done to open the Downloader app and erase the APK file that you downloaded (recommended)

15. If you selected”DONE” in the previous step, then click to delete at this prompt

16. Hit delete and then hit Delete

You’ve completed the installation of Nova TV APK on FireStick. In the next part of this article, we will learn how to use the app.

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