How to Install GLWiZ TV on Smart TV in 2022

If you are wondering to install GLWiZ TV on android smart TV. You are in the right place because, In this article, you will find the process to install GLWiz TV on smart TV. Let’s start.

How to Install GLWiZ TV on Smart TV

What is GLWiZ TV and how does it work?

GLWiZ TV, a global IPTV provider and leader in multicultural television services is. Subscribing for cultural packages such as Persian, Kurdish, and Afghan can allow you to stream live or on-demand content. You can stream your favorite international programming at high quality. GLWiZ is compatible with Android, iOS, and Samsung smart televisions. GLWiZ TV-compatible devices allow you to stream content in multiple languages and from different cultures.


Here are some highlights of the GLWiZ TV App for your reference.

  • 800+ Live TV Channels
  • More than 50,000 hours of movies and TV shows available on-demand
  • Radio stations are available for free at 50,000+
  • 8.500+ Free eBooks and Audiobooks (only available for smartphones)
  • High-quality content is available anywhere and anytime

How to install GLWiZ TV on Smart TV

The GLWiZTV app is available for Android-based smart TVs, as I mentioned earlier. Before you start, make sure your smart TV supports Google Play. You can easily install the GLWiZTV app on your smart television if the results are positive.

STEP 1 – Initially Switch on your smart TV.

STEP 2 – Navigate to Google Play Store with the remote control

STEP 3 – Search for the TV app with the on-screen keyboard

STEP 4 – Click on the Install button.

STEP 5 – Once the app has been installed, you can open the app and log in with your subscription details.

How to Screen Cast GLWiZ TV On Smart TV

Screen Mirroring is one of the most useful, but rarely used features on smartphones and smart TVs. This allows us to replicate content from our smartphones onto our smart TVs. This will allow you to screen mirror GLWiZTV on your Android smartphone to your smart television.

STEP 1 – Download the GlWiZ TV App from Google Play Store to your smartphone.

STEP 2 – Enable Screen mirroring or Miracast on your smart TV.

STEP 3 – Open the Settings app and click on Other wireless connections on your smartphone.

STEP 4 – Tap on the Screencast and Wireless connection options from the list.

STEP 5 – Your device will scan the wireless devices available.

STEP 6 – Select your Smart TV’s name from the dropdown menu.

STEP 7 – Once the pairing is successful, the content from your smartphone will be mirrored on the smart TV.

Open the GLWiZ TV App on your phone and log in with your account details to stream your favorite TV shows/movies.

How to watch GLWiZ TV on a PC/Laptop

It doesn’t matter if your TV isn’t smart. You can also access GLWiZ TV via its website. Access to the content requires a GLWiZ subscription. You should confirm this before you proceed with the next steps.

STEP 1 – Open the Chrome browser from your PC/Laptop.

STEP 2 – Visit the GLWiZ’s Official Site.

STEP 3 – Tap Sign In/Sign up and Log in with your account credentials.

STEP 4 – Now, tap the three-dotted icon at the top right corner.

STEP 5 Tap on the Castoption option from the list.

STEP 6 – You will see a list of available casting devices.

STEP 7 – Click on the name to see your smart TV.

STEP 8 – Select the cast tab option in the Sources menu.

STEP 9 – Within seconds, you can view the official website of GLWiZ TV right on your smart TV screen.

You can now enjoy your favorite content on GLWiZ TV from a large screen. This is how to install GLWiZTV on your smart TV.

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