How to Get Youtube on Roku in 2023

Add Youtube on Roku: Youtube is a famous service for watching and sharing videos. It is available on various platforms but is it available on Roku? Yes, of course, It is available on Roku devices except for old models of Roku. If you have a new Roku device, you can enjoy youtube on Roku.

Here is a complete guide to downloading and installing Youtube on Roku. Before beginning, we know what features of youtube are available on Roku.

download and install youtube on Roku device

Available Features of Youtube on Roku?

Youtube on Roku lets you access all features of youtube, including purchases and playlists. You can install youtube for free on Roku from the channel store and directly. Once you add youtube to the Roku device, you can log in to your account and enjoy.


After you’ve logged in to the account, you have created your YouTube account. You’ll be able to gain access to the playlists. It is also possible to add playlists to your account when you browse YouTube. Playlists are accessible from the menu on the left sidebar.

Access to guest accounts

The YouTube app on Roku comes with a convenient guest account that you can stream free content without signing in with an account on Google Account. Setting it up to access your favorite videos is unnecessary once you’ve installed Roku’s YouTube app. Roku YouTube app.

YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium, formerly YouTube Red, is a premium subscription that lets you stream music with no ads, unlimited streaming, and access to YouTube Original shows.

 To stream YouTube Premium content on Roku’s YouTube app Roku YouTube app, be sure to sign in using the YouTube account that you have used to sign up. Search the app to locate the content you want to view or browse your favorite Premium channels.

You can switch accounts because it supports multiple users.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV subscribers can access live TV streaming via more than 85 channels and unlimited storage for DVRs.

Casting from mobiles to Roku

By using the YouTube mobile app to cast videos via your phone onto Roku. It will start the app and play the video on your Roku immediately.

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Install Youtube Channel on Roku

Here are two easy methods to install Roku Youtube Channel:

Method 1: How to Install Youtube on Roku Device from the Roku Website

This is a good thing you can add channels from the Roku channel store using your laptop or PC.

You have to go to the Roku Channel Store. You will lend to the Youtube Roku Channel page if you click the link.

But you have to log in or sign in first. Then Hit the Add Channel button.

Watch Youtube on Roku Device

Adding the process will take a few seconds. When it completes, you will get a message of successfully adding a youtube channel to Roku.

Now, you can Turn on your Roku device, and you can find youtube on your Roku channel page or home page.

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Method 2: Add Youtube on Roku Directly

Installing YouTube directly to your Roku TV is possible if you do not own a laptop or PC. It is necessary to follow the steps for your Roku. We will go over the options available, and you will then be able to navigate through the choices using the Roku remote.

1. Turn ON the Roku TV and connect it to the internet.

2. Then, click on then the “Home” button from the menu to the left.

how to add youtube on roku

3. In the Home section, You will see an option called Streaming Channels.

how to install youtube on roku

4. Visit Search Channels that are beneath Channels Store.

how to get youtube on roku

5. Now, you type Youtube. After that, search for Youtube in the list of channels. Click to open it.

6. If you visit YouTube’s page, you’ll find the option to Add Channels. Click it.

7. Could you give it a couple of minutes? After that, it will be downloaded and then installed on Roku.

8. A pop-up window will appear. Hit on the Ok button.

Youtube has been successfully integrated into your Roku.

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